How Much You Can Earn After Passing Microsoft AZ-104 Certification Exam?

It’s a well-known fact that the IT market is dominated today by the cloud services developed by Microsoft. Meanwhile, international corporations pay Microsoft subscription fees to use the vendor’s cloud computing products and services. Therefore, client companies are interested in working with certified specialists who have sufficient knowledge and skills in this domain. 

Being a reputable IT vendor, Microsoft offers its candidates numerous opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in cloud computing. Thus, certified specialist possesses top-notch skills to work with its products and services. So, registering for the Microsoft AZ-104 certification exam can be your chance to boost your career or consolidate your position in your company. Moreover, this test will help you gain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certificate. Having it in your pocket, you will get the opportunity to obtain well-paid jobs in cloud computing. And this article will tell you more about the positions you can get and the average salary that you can earn per year.

Skills Verified in the Microsoft AZ-104 

If you want to pass the Microsoft Certification and increase your chances to be accepted for different positions that will bring you generous salaries, then you need to develop sufficient skills to ace the following topics:

  • Managing governance and Azure identities
  • Managing Azure storage components and implementing them in a business environment
  • Managing and deploying Azure compute resources
  • Managing and configuring virtual networks
  • Monitoring and performing the correct backup of Azure resources

Thus, if you succeed in earning advanced competency in the topics mentioned above, then you are ready to take the AZ-104 exam. After passing this test and obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certificate, you can start applying for various in-demand positions that require knowledge of the Azure domain. 

Jobs for Successful Candidates Who Pass Exam AZ-104

The applicants who ace the AZ-104 evaluation will become eligible for the following positions:

  • Azure Cloud Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Azure Technical Support Specialist
  • Network Administrator

Yes, there are a lot of possibilities. And they do not always mean changing your current job. For example, a Systems Administrator who has officially confirmed Microsoft Azure skills with the above exam can expect a salary of $64k based on Meanwhile, a Network Administrator with the same Microsoft qualifications earns an average of $65k.

However, if you decide to become an Azure Cloud Administrator, then you should be prepared to build solid competency in cloud computing and become competent to work on technical architectures. While the efforts might seem quite intense, the rewards totally make it worth it. According to, the annual average salary for an Azure Cloud Administrator can reach approximately visit .


As a result, the career opportunities for a candidate who gets the passing score in the Microsoft AZ-104 certification exam are very interesting and promising. Moreover, when you add this international accreditation to your resume, you will become part of an exclusive group of specialists who think outside the box and are committed to developing new skills and advancing in their careers. Therefore, if you want to have a higher salary than the market’s average and enjoy brilliant benefits, then passing exam AZ-104 is the way to go.

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