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Undoubtedly, having more than just a high school diploma is necessary to land a successful job. Even though earning a 6-month certificate doesn’t take long, there are quicker ways to get started on the road to a well-paying career. However, not everyone may have the desire or resources to devote the following four years to completing a bachelor’s degree at a traditional college. You can find career certificate programs that you can complete in 6-months or less in this article. Additionally, you might come across an online certificate program that appeals to you. 

You have a plethora of career options depending on your needs for money, values, interests, skills, education, and training. A specialized certificate may be required for some jobs, while others may call for a college degree. Numerous certificate programs give you the chance to gradually increase your earning potential as you progress in your career.

In this article, we provide a list of 6-month certificate programs, high-paying certificate positions, and additional quick certifications to take into account for a rewarding career.

Why Earn A Certificate?

Not everyone has the financial means to devote four years to earning a degree to launch their career. Many people believe that earning a certificate is a wise way to get started in the career of their choice without devoting important time and resources to obtaining a degree.

#1. It Increases income:

Certifications not only open doors for particular career paths, but they can also help you advance in your current position. You can become a valuable asset in your field and gain access to specialized roles by earning certifications. Additionally, you benefit from this in terms of increased income and career longevity.

#2. It’s good for your CV:

Completing certificate programs can enhance your skills and demonstrate to potential employers that you value the industry. It’s also good for your CV.

#3. It’s a way to Continue Education:

The addition of certifications to a standard degree or entry-level position can be very beneficial. Earning a degree later in life or changing careers can be very intimidating, so getting a certification can be a great way to start small and make big changes.

#4. You learn new skills:

Some jobs necessitate practical experience and training. You may only require vocational training through certification programs to land your dream job. Therefore, whether you want to work as an EMT or a web designer, you’ll need to enroll in practical courses and certification programs to learn.

#5. Networking

Programs for obtaining certifications can be a great way to network with other experts in your field and make contacts that will be useful to you in the future. Additionally, it can be a fantastic way to meet people who share your interests and passions.

Top 6-Month Certificate Programs in 2023

Certificate programs can be completed in six months or less, allowing for faster job acquisition and higher wages. The following positions require a certificate from programs that can be completed in six months:

#1. Emergency Medical Technician:

Average salary: $15 per hour

Emergency medical technicians must have a high school diploma or equivalent and complete postsecondary educational programs, such as CPR certification, to gain a desirable position in emergency medical services. Additionally, it requires empathy and compassion to respond to and care for injured and ill individuals.

#2. Funeral Director:

Average salary: $19 per hour

Funeral directors are high-paying jobs that require little education and require licensure. Furthermore, they typically counsel grieving family members and help prepare for the funeral service, but it can be challenging.

#3. Brick Mason:

Average salary: $21 per hour

Brick masons must have a high school diploma or equivalent to start, and can earn a masonry certification through the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). They work long hours in a fast-paced and physically strenuous environment with a high risk of injury.

#4. Personal trainer:

Average salary: $21 per hour

Personal training is a high-paying career that requires qualifications to teach physical fitness techniques. Certification programs are available, and successful trainers must be physically fit, stay up-to-date on fitness and nutrition trends, and have a strong work ethic.

#5. Medical Coder:

National average salary: $22 per hour

Medical coding is a popular certification that pays well and requires a high school diploma and certification through the AAPC. Furthermore, It requires specific training programs and an understanding of health records, database management, and medical terminology.

#6. Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers

Average Salary: $51,000

HVAC technicians are responsible for setting up and repairing heating and air conditioning systems in homes, office buildings, hospitals, and other public places. They may have to work irregular hours to test and fix system problems. Note that before choosing this trade certificate, check the training program required by your state.

#7. Automotive Service Technician and Mechanic

Average Salary: $44,000

Think about pursuing a career as an auto service technician or mechanic. You will work on various makes and models of cars and light trucks during your trade school career. You will perform both routine maintenance and problem-solving. Note that after this 6-month certificate program, some people choose to work in auto repair shops, while others are more interested in starting their businesses.

#8. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: $42,000
Your duties as a bookkeeper will include overseeing and managing an organization’s financial operations. You will keep track of receipts and purchases while auditing the books. Additionally, you will guarantee that payroll is accurate and completed on time. Journal entries, book closings, and maintaining computerized records of financial transactions could all be considered additional responsibilities. This is one of the best certifications to possess if you value money.

#9. Firefighter

Average salary: $45,000 per year

Firefighting is a rewarding job that requires certification and training. Prior training and experience in emergency medical services are beneficial. Additionally, firefighters must have exceptional strength and stamina, an understanding of standard field equipment, proficiency in emergency medical care, and the proper procedure for managing hazardous materials. 

#10. Air Traffic Controller:

Average salary: $47,000 per year

Air traffic controllers have a high-paying job that does not require formal education or certification. Top applicants have a combination of formal education and extensive experience, and undergo rigorous training and testing by the FAA. They are subjected to high-stress scenarios and often work nights, weekends, and holidays. Therefore weekends, it is important to have strong organizational and critical thinking skills, as well as exceptional communication skills, and to keep calm and avoid panic responses in high-stress situations. Note that it is also helpful to know someone in the industry to get the job.

#11. Automobile Service Station Manager:

Average salary: $ 24 per hour

An automobile service station manager is a high-paying job with minimum education requirements. It requires a high school diploma or equivalent, but some employers may prefer a degree or certification. Additionally, on-the-job experience is the best way to get this job, as it provides the skill set necessary to run the day-to-day operations of a service station successfully. Customer service, interpersonal, and managerial skills are also needed, as is some accounting experience.

#12. Real Estate Broker:

Average salary: $71,000 per year

Real estate brokers have the potential to earn six figures with the right experience and skill set. To become a real estate broker, you need a high school diploma or equivalent, but a college degree in a related field may be beneficial. Additionally, to become a real estate broker, you must take a few classes and some testing, have flexible hours, and have good interpersonal skills. Certification requirements vary by state, but many colleges have online and in-class programs.

#13. Margin Department Supervisor:

Average salary: $75,000 per year

A margin department supervisor is a high-paying job with minimal education requirements. They oversee a company’s credit department, manage customer credit accounts, and approve or deny credit to customers. Technical skills such as performing basic mathematical calculations and performing debt analysis are necessary, as are understanding basic accounting principles and the general processes involved in a credit department. Additionally, soft skills such as communication, negotiation, and customer service are also important, as is being able to communicate effectively with employees and adhere to federal policies and regulations.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for rewarding work in a variety of industries with low educational requirements and high salaries. Many of these positions place a high value on abilities you may already have, like communication or organization skills. More education and work experience will also increase your earning potential.

What Is the Quickest Certification to Get? 

Commercial Truck Driver

Average Salary: $47,000

Program Length: 2 weeks

Certificate Opportunities: CDL Training, Best Truck Driving Schools

Trucks are used to transport almost all consumer purchases to the store. Long hauls, which require at least one overnight stay, or short hauls, which only require a short drive, are both possible in truck driving. The majority of your time as a truck driver will be spent sitting down. However, this is also a fantastic way to earn money while traveling to a variety of locations. One of the highest-paying trade school careers is becoming a truck driver. 

What Certification Should Get for a High-Paying Job in It? 

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is one of the highest-paying certifications in the industry. Furthermore, it demonstrates a professional ability to design, develop, and manage a cloud-based architecture on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Additionally, the average compensation for individuals who hold the certification is $140,000. 

Is a Certificate Program Worth Taking? 

If you want to develop skills in a particular field, enrolling in a certificate program can be a wise investment. Earning your certificate may lead to new employment opportunities, promotions with higher pay, and specializations in fields related to your line of work, depending on your field.

Do You Get Paid More for Certifications? 

A hiring manager or your current employer may be convinced that you are dedicated to your career and want to advance your skills if you have certifications. This might persuade employers to give you a raise in pay commensurate with your advanced knowledge and abilities.

Is a Certificate Good Enough to Get a Job? 

Certification may be accepted in place of a degree by an employer because these courses frequently offer comparable training. Equivalence is the ability to assure an employer that a certificate holder has the same level of industry knowledge as a professional with a degree.

Are Online Certificates Worth It? 

Online certificates can increase your productivity and growth if you already have a job, which raises your value to your employer. Therefore, Make sure that the certifications you list in your CV are relevant to the position you have or want to have to get the most out of them.

Do Employers Take Online Certificates Seriously? 

You’ll be fine with an online degree if your goal in going to college is to improve your career prospects. Employers typically consider a degree, whether earned online or in person, to be sufficient.

Do Employers Prefer Degrees or Certifications?

While some industries favor candidates with experience, others demand that they hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. For instance, while jobs in the tech sector frequently require candidates to have degrees, many vocational trades look for applicants with relevant experience.

Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well

Flight Attendant

Average Salary: $59,000
Program Length: 3 weeks

A flight attendant is a career with travel benefits, providing food, drinks, and assistance to aircraft passengers. Additionally, It requires a varied timetable, including nighttime, weekend, and holiday commitments. It is a good certification for those who love to travel.

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