MECHANIC SALARY: Best Mechanic Jobs and How Much They Make

MECHANIC SALARY: Best Mechanic Jobs and How Much They Make
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Being a mechanic can be satisfying because you get to assist in repairing the equipment that many people depend on on a daily basis. Since many industries depend on machinery and automation to run, mechanics have a wide range of jobs. The average mechanic can make a respectable living, but for those with experience and expertise in the field, there are many high-paying jobs available. This article covers some of the highest-paying positions that mechanics can pursue. 

Who is a Mechanic?

A mechanic is a professional in charge of looking into issues with various kinds of motor vehicles and making the necessary repairs. Their responsibilities include interacting with car owners to address their issues, performing routine maintenance on cars, and replacing car parts to improve functionality.

What does a Mechanic do?

  • Mechanics build and assemble machines or mechanical components according to requirements
  • Additionally, they inspect machines, engines, etc., and run diagnostic tests to discover functionality issues.
  • Furthermore, they conduct repairs in order to maximize reliability.

Responsibilities Of A Mechanic

  • Create and assemble machines or mechanical components in accordance with specifications.
  • Inspect machines, engines, transmissions, and so on, and run diagnostic tests to identify issues with functionality.
  • Perform repairs to maximize dependability.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve reported issues as soon as possible.
  • Maintain machinery, equipment, and systems thoroughly.
  • Clean and lubricate machinery components.
  • Recharge engine and machinery fluids and components
  • Provide machine or vehicle operators with advice on proper maintenance and preventative measures.
  • Other duties as assigned (for example, hydraulic system repair, vehicle painting, etc.)
  • Maintain work logs and reports on issues.

Requirements And Skills For A Mechanic

  • Proven Mechanic experience
  • Excellent understanding of machinery, hydraulic, electrical, and other systems, as well as their components
  • Ability to use a variety of hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, etc.) and precision measurement tools (e.g., calipers)
  • The ability to follow established procedures and practices, as well as read instructions, blueprints, and other documents.
  • A firm commitment to all health and safety regulations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to solve problems
  • Excellent physical strength and stamina
  • A high school diploma is preferred; certification from a vocational school or completion of an apprenticeship is a definite plus.
  • Valid certification (for example, ASE) is preferred.

How To Become A Mechanic

Knowing what it takes to have a successful career and earn a higher salary can be very helpful when working as a mechanic. Therefore, mechanics who can take advantage of their special abilities and backgrounds frequently make more money overall. The following advice will help you earn more than the typical mechanic:

#1. Get certified: 

To repair many unique products, a special certification is needed. Note that obtaining a certification for a specific product opens doors for you that other mechanics might not have.

#2. Earn a degree: 

Even though many mechanic jobs do not require a degree, you might be able to earn more money by obtaining a relevant degree. Degree-holders might also have access to more job opportunities.

#3. Get experience: 

Getting more experience in your field of work is one of the best ways to earn a higher salary. During the interview process, mechanics who can demonstrate years of relevant experience on their resumes frequently request a higher salary. 

Job Description For a Mechanic 

To assemble, maintain, and repair machinery and vehicles, most industries need a skilled mechanic. The efficiency and dependability of machinery, engines, and mechanical systems will be your responsibility. Additionally, manual dexterity and meticulousness are essential qualities of an excellent mechanic. Lastly, you must be able to operate a variety of tools and machines and adhere to all safety regulations.

Best Mechanic Jobs In 2023

If you are aware of the jobs that best fit your background, finding a lucrative career as a mechanic may be simpler. Here is a list of five mechanic jobs with high salaries: Click the links below to view the most recent Indeed salaries:

#1. Maintenance Worker:

Average salary: $70,000 per year

Workers in maintenance perform a variety of repairs professionally. Hospitals, schools, and retail establishments frequently employ maintenance personnel. They fix any equipment that malfunctions during regular operations. Note that since maintenance personnel may need to repair a variety of machines and their parts, they frequently have backgrounds in plumbing, electronic wiring, and construction. Furthermore, maintenance workers frequently make more money than the average mechanic due to their broad range of expertise.

#2. Mechanical Designer:

Average salary: $71,000 per year

Professionals who work with engineering and production teams to develop goods that satisfy customer requirements are known as mechanical designers. Mechanical designers may work in a variety of industries, from the manufacturing of automobiles to architecture. Additionally, they frequently work with computers that aid in the creation of complex machines. Lastly, mechanical designers can make a good living because they frequently have extensive maintenance industry experience.

#3. Mechanical Engineer:

Average salary: $83,000 per year

Designing mechanical and thermal devices is a specialty of mechanical engineers. They frequently work for businesses that produce devices that need an engine or other power source to function. Additionally, a lot of mechanical engineers start as mechanics before switching to engineering after receiving a degree in a related field. Therefore, mechanical engineers can make a good living because the majority of their jobs call for a high-level degree.

#4. Maintenance Manager:

Average salary: $83,000 per year

Supervisors who direct a maintenance team are known as maintenance managers. They collaborate with their group to identify issues and complete repairs on schedule. Additionally, budgets may be created by maintenance managers, and they may also buy the equipment required by their team to finish a task. Note that the majority of maintenance managers start as lower-level repair personnel and can advance after gaining a significant amount of experience. They can command a higher wage than the typical mechanic thanks to their experience.

#5. Mechanical Project Manager:

Average salary: $99,000 per year

Mechanical project managers collaborate with their teams to plan the effective manufacture and maintenance of sophisticated machinery. Maintenance professionals with years of experience and expertise are frequently employed as project managers because they are able to finish projects on schedule. Additionally, the majority of mechanical project managers possess leadership and management abilities because they are also in charge of overseeing a sizable staff of workers.

What Mechanic Has the Highest Salary? 

#1. Mechanical technician:

Average salary: $46,000 per year

To create effective mechanical products and machinery, mechanical technicians collaborate with engineers and product managers. Additionally, mechanical technicians frequently work in the electrical or industrial sectors and may be employed in manufacturing plants or other establishments. Furthermore, given that many mechanical technicians make more than the typical mechanic, a career in this field can be financially rewarding.

#2. Mechanic:

Average salary: $51,000 per year

Professionals known as mechanics maintain and fix various types of machinery and vehicles. Numerous industries, including the automotive and transportation sectors, employ mechanics. Although some mechanics work independently, the majority are employed by larger businesses that focus on fixing specific types of machines. In summary, mechanics typically rely on years of experience or specialize in fixing unusual equipment to earn more than the average salary.

#3. Automotive technician:

Average salary: $52,000 per year

Mechanics who only work on cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles are known as automotive technicians. Auto mechanics identify problems with vehicles and create plans to fix them. Additionally, automotive technicians may have a profound understanding of the intricate systems that keep the machines running because many vehicles have digital components, such as computers. Note that as an auto mechanic, you can typically expect to make more money if you stay current on how to fix the newest car models.

#4. Repair manager:

Average salary: $55,000 per year

Repair managers are mechanics who serve as advisors to a group of maintenance specialists. These experts work with their team to understand what needs to be fixed and to develop plans for quickly and effectively fixing any problems. Additionally, repair managers may decide on staff hiring and firing decisions as well as work schedules. In conclusion, this profession can be a way to make a high salary because repair managers are frequently mechanics with a few years of experience.

#5. Repair technician:

Average salary: $56,000 per year

Repair technicians are maintenance experts who focus on fixing sophisticated machinery. While many mechanics work in the automotive sector, others specialize in other industries, such as electronic or medical equipment. The majority of the time, repair technicians develop repair plans and diagnose issues as part of a larger team. Fortunately, by specializing in the repair of expensive machinery, repair technicians can earn more money than the average mechanic.

#6. Maintenance supervisor:

Average salary: $56,000 per year

A management-level position that manages a group of mechanics is referred to as a maintenance supervisor. Supervisors of maintenance frequently work for construction firms and make sure the construction crew adheres to the client’s requirements. Additionally, they might do building system installations and repairs to meet regional safety standards.

How Much Do You Make in Mechanics? 

The average salary for a mechanic was $27,000, or $23/hour.

How Much Do Mechanics Get Paid in California? 

The average annual salary for an automotive mechanic in California is $41,000. That comes out to roughly $20 an hour. This is in the range of $800 per week.

How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Texas per Hour? 

In Texas, a mechanic makes an average hourly wage of $26 and earns $5,000 in overtime annually. 

What’s the Most a Mechanic Can Make an Hour? 

The average hourly wage for a mechanic in the United States is $28. 

What Is A Good Starting Salary For A Mechanic?

The majority of entry-level mechanic salaries currently range between $29,000 and $38,000, with top earners making $43,000 annually across the United States.

How Much is an Aircraft Mechanic Salary

Aircraft mechanics’ salaries vary based on factors like experience, skill, location, etc. The annual salary for aircraft mechanics ranges from $35,000 to $100,000.

How Much is a Car Mechanic Salary

The average salary for an early career automobile mechanic with 1-4 years of experience is $700,000. Note that this figure includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay. 

How Much is an Aviation Mechanic Salary

The average salary for an aviation maintenance mechanic in the United States is $90,000, but the typical salary range is between $78,000 and $100,000.

How Much is a Master Mechanic Salary

The majority of master mechanics’ salaries currently range between $53,000 and $81,000, with the top earners in the United States making $90,000. 

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