CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGER: Duties, Salary, Resume & Qualification

Customer Success Manager
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Because customer success positions are still in their infancy, firms are sometimes unsure about the duties that a customer success manager (CSM) should be performing. Customer success managers consequently become overburdened with tasks, which makes it challenging for them to concentrate on assisting consumers in interacting with the product and achieving success. In this article, we will help you understand the job description and qualifications of a CS manager and how to make the most of your time whether you’re hiring for a CS position or applying for a role with your resume.

Customer Success Manager

A special hybrid position between customer service and sales, customer success management (CSM) is under the control of CSMs. Supporting customers as they move from the sales pipeline (prospects) to the support pipeline (active users) is the major objective of a customer success team. They’re typically in charge of fostering long-term relationships with their customers, facilitating overall customer service, upselling existing customers to new features within the product, maintaining customer loyalty, and ensuring that their customers are accomplishing the objectives they had in mind when buying your product.

What Attributes Characterize a Successful Customer Success Manager?

Good customer success managers have a natural aptitude for leadership, which enables them to manage the day-to-day activities of the customer service division. They have outstanding interpersonal skills and are able to modify their speech when speaking with higher-level business representatives, clients, or customers. A competent customer success manager also has a personal nature that enables them to connect with new, current, and potential clients in order to guide them through products or services and make them feel appreciated.

What Does a Customer Success Manager Do?

Okay, now that we are aware of what a CSM is, how they vary from customer support, and how important they are to a business, let’s move on. However, what does a Customer Success Manager actually do? What sort of daily obligations do they have? Let’s dissect it.

#1. CSMs Welcome New Clients

Customer onboarding is one of a Customer Support Manager’s top goals and duties. Because it’s one of the first encounters a customer will have with your product, a poor customer onboarding experience is one of the main reasons customers churn. The CSM is responsible for ensuring that your customer has a great onboarding experience.

#2. CSMs Cultivate Ties.

Establishing a strong bond with the allocated customers is arguably the most crucial thing a CSM can accomplish. This will not only make it possible for the client to feel secure enough to ask any questions they need to be successful in using the product, but it will also reduce the likelihood of churn and possibly establish a relationship of lifetime loyalty.

#3. CSMs Lower Churn

Customer success managers are in charge of fostering repeat business from devoted clients. Because of this, CSMs must concentrate on upsell opportunities, renewal dates, and churn prevention. CSMs frequently monitor a wide number of data, which changes depending on the business they work for and the product they sell.

#4. CSMs Cross-Sell and Upsell

A CSM is in charge of upselling and cross-selling their product in addition to lowering churn. Upselling is the practice of persuading customers to buy an extra feature or functionality that is already included in the initial offering.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is the practice of persuading a customer to buy an additional product that would enhance their experience but isn’t necessarily included in the main offer. Therefore, it is up to the CSM to understand when is the best to upsell or cross-sell to their clients and to choose which features, functionalities, or extra products would be the most appropriate for each individual customer.

#5. CSMs Serve as the Customer’s Voice.

The employees at a company who have the best relationships and most frequent communication with their customers are frequently the CSMs. As a result, they frequently act as an advocate for their clients, ensuring that the company is aware of their needs and the benefits they derive from the product. Customer Success Managers must inform product or engineering teams about customer needs, feedback, and requests because many teams, sadly, have little to no frequent touch with actual customers.

Customer Success Manager Job Description

A business’s customer retention process is managed by a customer success manager, also known as a client success manager. Their duties also include training their team on how to effectively assist clients and developing customer service rules and processes to increase customer satisfaction. They frequently engage with new, existing, and future customers. Depending on the company or industry, a Customer Success Manager may have different duties and responsibilities. By positioning themselves as a reliable authority in the field to develop and uphold client connections, successful customer success managers will contribute to an increase in customer retention. Examples of the duties, responsibilities, and job description of a customer success manager include:

  • Create and maintain ties with your customers
  • Create customer service guidelines and procedures.
  • Offer top-notch products and technical support.
  • Managing and fostering customer success teams

The Customer Success Manager Job Description Responsibilities:

  • Portfolio management for clients is developed.
  • Maximize value to maintain business development and profitability.
  • To enhance customer experience, analyze consumer data.
  • Show customers product demos.
  • Enhance the onboarding procedures.
  • Review and make improvements to tutorials and other communication systems.
  • Mediate disputes between customers and the business.
  • Take care of and address consumer requests and grievances.
  • Limit customer attrition.
  • Help with product development and design.

Customer Success Manager Job Description Requirements:

  • Marketing or communications degree.
  • Multitasking prowess and excellent organization.
  • Proactive and self-driven nature.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Display your leadership abilities.
  • High proficiency with computers and aptitude for learning new applications.
  • Knowledge of the procedures for customer success.
  • Knowledge of document production.
  • Listens attentively and patiently.
  • Dedication to serve.

Customer Success Manager Qualifications

To accomplish the necessary tasks, a candidate for customer success manager must possess a number of prerequisite skills and qualifications, including excellent customer service abilities and potent oral and written communication skills. A Customer Success Manager should be an authority in their field and possess in-depth knowledge of the industry. A strong candidate for Customer Success Manager should have experience using word processing and presentation tools. Additionally, qualified candidates will be able to quickly become knowledgeable about the goods and services offered by your business and position themselves as authorities in the industry.

Examples of qualifications and skills include

  • Excellent customer service abilities
  • Understanding of customer service and retention best practices
  • Knowledgeable about the relevant software programs
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills Proven ability to use technical software packages

Requirements for Customer Success Manager Education and Training

Effective customer success managers have a reputation for being knowledgeable experts in their field. A qualified applicant for Customer Success Manager will have the education, credentials, and training required by your sector. For instance, a qualified applicant for a financial or accounting firm might have graduated with a degree in finance, accounting, or a comparable field from a four-year college or university. A qualified applicant may have expertise and education in computer science, programming languages, or a similar field. A qualified applicant for your company’s Customer Success Manager position should have education, certification, and training in a field related to your sector.

Requirements for Customer Success Manager Experience

Experience criteria for a qualified applicant for a Customer Success Manager position may include prior customer service experience, sales expertise, and industry experience that will assist the individual to establish themselves as an industry authority. Additionally, past supervisory or leadership experience may be desired in a qualified candidate if a Customer Success Manager in your organization would be expected to manage a customer support team.

Customer Success Manager Salary

It’s a challenging query. The total pay and remuneration for a CSM are determined by a variety of criteria. CSM salaries range from $48,500 to $170,000 plus bonuses and other kinds of variable remuneration, with the typical CSM income resting at $94,000 plus bonuses, according to a recent survey conducted by customer success software supplier Totango. Over the past few years, this pattern of increasing numbers has persisted.

Do Customer Success Managers Make a Salary Above the Base Amount?

In addition to basic pay, CSMs may also receive bonuses (68% of customer success professionals in the Totango survey indicated that bonuses or other forms of variable compensation were included in their total income). The OTE (on-target earnings), a phrase used to represent the overall expected remuneration for the year when goals are attained, is the result of the combination of these two elements.

Customer Success Manager Resume

Whether you’re a customer success manager just starting out or switching careers, enhancing your resume can assist demonstrate your skills and qualifications to potential employers. In order to better serve customers, those in CSM positions need to be skilled in sales, customer service, and communication. If you’re considering a career as a customer success manager, think about tailoring your resume to showcase your strongest abilities.

You may write a strong resume to apply for a position as a customer success manager by taking the steps below:

#1. Examine the Job Description

You can get a better understanding of what the position entails by reading the job description. It might also assist you in comparing your CV to what the hiring manager is looking for in this position. You can convince the employer that you’re a good fit for the position by taking note of the verbs and keywords used in the job description.

#2. Investigate the Company

You can learn about the company’s mission and culture by investigating its website, social media pages, and other online resources. You can emphasize such information in your application by identifying the goals you share with the firm.

#3. Display your Skills

It can be easier to demonstrate to hiring managers how you could be successful in a customer success manager position by including the abilities you’ve acquired over the course of your career. Your ability to handle a range of customer success manager responsibilities can be demonstrated by adding a combination of hard and soft talents relating to customer service or computer software.

#4. Include Your Professional Experience

Include previous experience in customer service, account management, sales, and business on your customer success manager resume to help the hiring manager better grasp your qualifications. To help the hiring manager understand your function in your past positions, be sure to provide the job title, company name, basic geographical information, and dates you worked there when uploading your work history.

#5. Highlight your Education

Your candidacy for a certain customer success manager position is frequently determined in part by your educational background. Your formal education and experience in the field of customer success can be shown by adding your educational details, such as the degrees or certificates you’ve earned.

#6. Create your Own Professional Bio.

Include a professional summary close to the top of your resume since this is an additional essential element that will help highlight your experience and skills. Typically, this section has one to three phrases. It gives you the chance to succinctly demonstrate to companies why you’re a suitable fit for the job.

#7. Include Your Contact Details

Including your contact details near the top of your resume can make it easier for potential employers to get in touch with you for an interview. Include details like your full name, address, phone number, and email in this section. Readers can better grasp this portion of your resume by making sure this information is visible and readable.

#8. Your Resume’s Format

A consistent format might make it easier for readers to scan and comprehend your resume. Your resume will look better to hiring supervisors if you use basic typefaces, bulleted lists, and bold headlines. Additionally, it makes it easier for computer scanning software to assess your resume and can be useful to highlight particular portions of your resume. This can improve the chances that the hiring manager will see your resume once it has been submitted to the ATS system.

What Does a Customer Success Manager Do Daily?

Making sure consumers have a positive experience is the duty of a customer success manager (CSM).

Is Customer Success a Sales Job?

While CS seeks good customer satisfaction and retention, which both contribute to increased profit, sales concentrate its efforts on closing agreements.

Who Is the Most Important Person for a Customer Success Manager?

Always keep the customer at the center of your focus. Your success depends on their success, thus the more you can contribute to their requirements and objectives, the more effective you’ll be in this role.

Is a Customer Success Manager a Marketing Job?

Your go-to specialists for relationship marketing are customer success managers. [Source]. Sales and service representatives concentrate on the immediate satisfaction of consumers; CSMs concentrate on providing value over the long term.

Is Customer Success Manager a Management Position?

A customer success manager works to provide a satisfying customer experience, nurtures connections, and encourages brand loyalty. A mid-level management role in the customer service division is described by the job title.

Is Customer Success a Project Manager?

Project management typically entails supervising internal initiatives for an organization, but customer success is external or customer-facing. This is only one of the many ways that customer success differs from project management.


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