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Strong managers are the backbone of any firm, but they shine even more when they are assisted by experienced assistant managers. You’ll want to discover someone with managerial skills who can also take on tasks on the fly and follow instructions. The easiest approach to get started is to write a comprehensive assistant manager job description. In this guide, we will carefully analyze the job description of a project assistant manager (AS), the salary involved, the resume, duties, and responsibilities.

Who is an Assistant Manager?

An assistant manager is someone who assists the general manager in operating day-to-day operations. The tasks of an (AS), might range from personnel management and client satisfaction to office management.

An (AS), may assist the shop manager in organizing, planning, and implementing plans. They also oversee retail store operations and ensure that personnel adheres to store timetables and objectives.

What Does an Assistant Manager Do?

Assistant Managers typically work in office, retail, or food service settings, where they manage workers, coordinate schedules, fix equipment, and respond to customer complaints or difficulties. Assistant Managers assist General Manager in changing office operations, evaluating employees, formulating and executing store policies, and planning a marketing or promotional events. Their duty is to promote workplace productivity and employee satisfaction by working as a liaison between upper-level management and entry-level positions that interact directly with customers. They collect input from employees, management, and consumers in order to make necessary changes to company practices.

Assistant Manager Job Description Template

This Assistant Manager job description template offers a list of the most critical duties and responsibilities of an Assistant Manager. It is fully configurable and ready for posting on employment sites. Save time, attract eligible candidates, and hire the best personnel by utilizing it.

Assistant Manager job profile:

An assistant manager is someone who assists the general manager in operating day-to-day operations. The tasks of an (AS), might range from personnel management and client satisfaction to office management.

It is critical to establish a clear and exact Assistant Manager job description in order to recruit the finest (AS), for your needs.

Assistant Manager job description:

To join our team, we are searching for an experienced and self-motivated Assistant Manager! As an (AS), you will be responsible for aiding our senior management team in their daily operations and activities.

Assistant Manager duties and responsibilities:

  • Assisting the general manager in the organization, planning, and execution of a strategy
  • Day-to-day operations coordination
  • Ensure that corporate policies are followed
  • Establishing and arranging schedules
  • Creating and implementing goals to increase corporate productivity
  • Making certain that goals and objectives are satisfied
  • Keeping a safe and clean working environment
  • Recruiting and interviewing new workers
  • Employee training is provided.
  • Employee task delegation
  • Employee supervision, leadership, and motivation
  • Notifying upper management of any concerns or mishaps
  • In the absence of top management, filling in
  • Monitoring and tracking of operating expenditures, budgets, and resources
  • Report writing, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation
  • Client interaction
  • Keeping track of customer and client happiness
  • Handling client concerns and resolving problems
  • Assisting with inventory and supply acquisition
  • As needed, assist the general manager.

Assistant Manager requirements and qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related subject is required.
  • X years of experience as an (AS) or in a similar function is required.
  • Recruiting and hiring experience
  • Staff evaluation experience
  • Experience in leadership positions
  • Plannability and organization
  • Budget management experience
  • Understanding of the principles and methods of customer service
  • Excellent multitasking abilities
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to function successfully in a team setting
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Excellent time management abilities
  • Capability to operate well under duress

Salary of an Assistant Manager

The average annual salary for an Assistant Manager in Detroit is $31,646 as of April 15, 2023. In case you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to about $15.21 per hour. This equates to $608 each week or $2,637 per month. The salary of an assistant Manager presently varies from $27,649 (25th percentile) to $39,993 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) earning $47,893 per year.

The average salary range for an Assistant Manager ranges widely, implying that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher income dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

Assistant Manager Education and Training Requirements

To work as an (AS), you must have a high school diploma or GED. A bachelor’s degree or post-secondary education is strongly recommended, if not essential, in today’s work market. Business administration and management are suggested fields of study. Most businesses offer on-the-job training to new workers. The length and scope of training vary by company, and some may even demand specific qualifications.

Common Key Skills and Responsibilities for Assistant Manager Resume

Hiring managers evaluate the resume for critical skills and responsibilities to establish the merit of each assistant manager. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used to scan resumes and categorize them based on keywords that fit the specifications of a certain vacancy. Only resumes with high ratings are forwarded to recruiting managers. As an assistant manager, your resume should emphasize the important skills and responsibilities that ATS and hiring managers look for when determining prospective job candidates. The more skill keywords you include on your CV, the more likely a hiring manager will arrange an interview with you. An assistant manager should have the following key skills and responsibilities in your resume:

  • Active listening
  • Assess and monitor others
  • Critical thinking
  • Highly organized
  • Industry-specific skills
  • Leadership
  • POS and scheduling software
  • Service-oriented
  • Team player
  • Time management
  • Verbal/written communication

Tips for Writing a Better Assistant Manager Resume

#1. Emphasize education that contributes to your professional credentials.

The majority of (AS), roles require simply a high school diploma or G.E.D. Some employers may favor candidates who have some college education, such as an associate degree. Include any further education or certification programs you’ve finished that are relevant to the job you’re looking for on your resume. For example, if you’re seeking for a career as an (AS), in retail, highlight relevant qualifications that have helped prepare you for a leadership role in this area.

#2. Emphasize your managerial abilities.

Strong leadership abilities are possibly the most crucial characteristic of someone in a management job. Your boss expects you to oversee a store, department, or team in their absence as an (AS). You must demonstrate your capacity to be a great leader, especially since many firms prefer assistant managers to supervise employees rather than managers.

How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Hiring managers search for job applicants that match the posted employment requirements, so make sure your CV highlights your relevant abilities and expertise. You can accomplish this by replicating the job description’s abilities and experience.

Examine the requirements listed first or referenced more than once in the job description to assist you to decide what to add to guarantee your resume stands out. These are usually the most crucial. Examine your CV against the job description to ensure that it specifically shows how you can meet the key requirements you specified. Avoid broad descriptions and instead concentrate on your distinguishing characteristics, notable successes, and unique contributions.

Who does an Assistant Manager Work with?

Assistant Managers work alongside Store Associates, Salespeople, Cashiers, Bookkeepers, Custodians, and a variety of other responsibilities to keep a workplace running well. They also collaborate with General Managers, Regional Managers, Directors, and shop owners to learn about the company’s best practices for responding to various situations, resolving staff disagreements, reporting difficulties, and rewarding exceptional performance. Assistant Managers may contact with clients on a daily basis to handle difficult issues that other employees are unable to resolve on their own.

Assistant Manager Experience Requirements

Most Assistant Managers typically have several years of prior expertise in the field in which they are managing. Experience typically begins with an entry-level position in the chosen business and progresses via a series of promotions. Previous supervisory experience is highly recommended. Assistant Managers should have expertise in monitoring staff members, offering directions, and handling workplace problems, as well as leadership responsibilities on their résumé. Assistant Managers have an in-depth understanding of their chosen field and are comfortable managing people. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most retail organizations will promote their Retail Assistant managers from within. Typically, this person has adequate retail experience and a bachelor’s degree or some type of postsecondary qualification.

How to Become an Assistant Manager

So, now that you know a little bit more about the position, how do you go about getting it? Don’t worry if you don’t have any management qualifications; your drive and hard work as a member of staff can get you noticed and you could be promoted to an (AS) post (after a few years of experience).

Experience typically outweighs qualifications, especially if you demonstrate a desire for advancement and are constantly striving to learn new skills and enhance your performance. Don’t be afraid to send in your resume today!

Is an Assistant Manager a Boss?

An (AS) is often a level below a manager and has the authority to do the majority of what the manager can do while the manager is unavailable. Those with (AS) positions assist the overall manager and can be assigned work on their own.

Is Assistant Manager a Good Position?

Yes, the role of (AS) is suitable for someone progressing from an entry-level post.

How much do Most Assistant Managers Make?

In the United States, most assistant managers earn around $16.20 per hour.

Is Assistant Manager Higher than Supervisor?

Associate managers often rank higher than supervisors in terms of hierarchy. Most organizations consider all manager-level individuals to be middle-level management. They report to higher-level management, director, or C-suite member.

Is it Hard to be an Assistant Manager?

It all depends. If you’re a natural-born leader who is energetic, hardworking, and ambitious, an (AS) position could be for you.

What is the Difference Between a Manager and an Assistant Manager?

An assistant manager is often a level below a manager and has the authority to do the majority of what the manager can do while the manager is unavailable. Those with (AS) positions assist the overall manager and can be assigned work on their own.

What are the Benefits of being an Assistant Manager?

Assistant managers can assist supervisors by taking on responsibilities such as training new staff and evaluating employee performance. Although the primary role of an assistant manager is to help their boss, they may also handle additional managerial activities when their manager is not there.


While any firm can benefit from a great manager, good assistant managers can quadruple their impact. You’ll need to put your effective and focused assistant manager job description in front of as many qualified people as possible once you’ve developed it.


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