Where to Find Voice-Over Services

where to find voice-over services
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If one industry in the world is seeing a significant boost in growth, it is the voice-over industry. Did you know that voice-over work has increased by 13% since last year? This is due to the realization that combining audio and visuals increases engagement and enjoyment of watching content. As a content creator or a business, finding experienced voice-over artists to do the work you need is of the utmost importance. This article will look where you can find voice-over services and voice-over artists, so be sure to continue reading, and welcome to the world of voice-overs.

Voice-Over Agencies

Online voice-over agencies are one of the best places to find them if you are looking for professional voice-over services. Because voice-overs are in such high demand these days, especially considering the sheer amount of content produced, many reputable voice-over agencies have launched remote services.

#1. Voquent: 

The first online voice agency you should check out is Voquent. One of the compelling reasons to check out this agency is its search filter, which allows clients to find the exact voice they are looking for by using a wide variety of tags, such as age, accent, language, vocal characteristics, gender, tones, styles, and more. The site also has easy-to-access demos for more than 24,000 voice actors, so you can hear their performances as you browse. Better yet, all of the talents have been professionally vetted and approved, the team can help you with the casting process, receiving a quote is free, and they manage the service for a smooth experience.  

#2. Bunny Studio: 

The next option to consider is Bunny Studio. They have a smaller number of voice-over actors to choose from, specifically 5,000, and promise that a reviewed voice-over for your project will be ready with a fast turnaround. The site provides support as well as an unlimited number of revisions.

#3. Voices: 

Next is Voices, which offers clients a vast choice of actors worldwide. The site allows you to search for voice-over artists using a few search filters, such as price range, delivery time, language, gender, and age, and with such a large pool of talent to choose from, you’ll certainly have a choice.

#4. Voice Crafters: 

Voice Crafters is another excellent option you could try out, but it is mainly recommended for smaller businesses or content creators. The site only offers around 50 languages to choose from and allows you to sort the talent based on the type of work, style, and language. This agency acts as a middleman, and after you post the details regarding your project, they will find voice actors on your behalf.

#5. Voice123: 

Finally, the last site on this list you should check out if you need voice-over is Voice123. This site also offers a large selection of voice actors to choose from in many different languages. These voice actors can complete various projects, such as podcasts, documentaries, or advertisements. The only downside is that the search function is somewhat limited comparatively and more focused on payments. It only offers location, gender, age, and language to help refine your search.

Independent Service Sites

The next place that you can look if you are looking to find voiceover services would be through independent service sites or otherwise known as freelancing websites. Many people are cautious about freelancing websites since you never know what quality you might get—anyone can sign up.

However, many professional voice-over actors are using freelancing websites to get jobs, so it will require a bit of searching and managing the project yourself.

#1. Upwork: 

The first freelancing website you should check out would be Upwork since it offers some of the best freelance voice-over artists in the industry. Upwork is a bit pricier than other independent server sites and includes fees, but it’s not easy to list a profile as a voice-over artist on this site, and they have strict requirements about who can create profiles.

When using Upwork, you are bound to find the person you are looking for to do the job; services such as audio editing, character creation, narration, and more are all available. You can create a detailed proposal that lists as many aspects of the project as possible and allows voice actors to find you.

#2. Fiverr: 

If you are more interested in quantity than quality, Fiverr is an excellent choice since there are more than 20,000 voice-over artists. What makes a fiver very interesting is that you can find specific niches if you have a particular project or role in mind for your voice-over artist. Much like the website suggests, you can find relatively cheap voice-over actors for your projects since many are beginners, if you don’t mind doing a little coaching. 

This is another site that non-professionals can sign up to. Some features that you might be interested in include full refunds if you are not happy with the work done, and you can even pay a little extra for expedited delivery.

#3. Guru: 

Finally, the last freelancing website on this list that you should check out is Guru. One of the things that makes Guru a great choice is that you can read detailed profiles of the voice actor to find out precisely what they have done, who they have worked for, how much they have made, and how long they have been doing it on the site.

Another interesting feature of this site is that freelancers will attempt to outbid their competitors, often resulting in much lower rates. However, this often leads to those with the least experience submitting offers so cheap that professionals don’t bother to compete with unfair rates.  

As you can see, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding professional voice-over actors.

You are bound to find the talent you need for any project that you have in mind. However, it’s important to remember that high-quality content is guaranteed when you go through professional voice-over agencies, whereas freelancing websites include an element of chance.

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