BEST EASY LOANS TO GET IN 2023: Ultimate Guide


Secured, co-signed, and joint loans are the easiest loans to be approved for when you have bad credit because you may utilize the collateral or the creditworthiness of another person to make up for your poor credit score. Although they are simple to obtain, payday loans, pawnshop loans, and car title loans are also very expensive. In contrast, personal loans could have the most affordable rates among readily available loan options. When you apply for some personal loans, your credit may not even be checked. This post will discuss the best easy loans to get online for those with bad credit as well as factors to take into account before selecting one.

Easy Loans to Get for Bad Credit

You shouldn’t give up, though. You can find lenders who offer personal loans for bad credit if you require the funds for a genuine emergency expense or another purpose. (For instance, anything below a 580 score is considered “poor” credit according to FICO.)

But beware: Personal loans aimed at people with bad credit can have annual percentage rates, or APRs, that are far higher than the typical personal loan. As a result, you should be picky and compare numerous lenders whenever it’s practical.

Additionally, it’s crucial to compare offers for their APRs, fees, loan terms, and monthly payments as well as for transparency before accepting a personal loan. You are entitled to and require knowledge of what you are entering into.
The lenders we’ve chosen as the finest easy loans for bad credit either don’t check your credit. Prequalification alternatives enable you to preview your anticipated rate without a hard inquiry on your credit reports. If you submit a formal application, the lender might run a thorough investigation at that time, and your final conditions might alter.

Additionally, remember that not all states may offer these best easy loans to get.

#1. OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial’s auto-secured loans often have lower interest rates than the firm’s unsecured loans. However, they come with expenses, such as origination, late, and insufficient funds fees, which could raise the amount you must pay back. You won’t be penalized if you pay off your loan early.
Loan durations of two to five years are available, with loan amounts ranging from $1,500 to $20,000.

#2. Mariner Finance

You can easily get personal loans from Mariner Finance with a co-signer. Applying for a personal loan with a co-signer with good credit could help you get approved or get an interest rate reduction. Applicants who have filed for bankruptcy are also taken into consideration by the company, subject to underwriting standards. Loans range from $1,000 to $25,000 in amount.

#3. OppLoans

Payday loans are renowned for having high-interest rates and short repayment periods, and they don’t improve your credit score. OppLoans transmits your payments on a personal loan to credit reporting agencies.
The loan might have payback terms of nine to 18 months, so you are not required to pay it back on your next payday. Additionally, interest rates are higher compared to traditional lenders but lower than payday lenders.

OppLoans provides loans in the $500 to $4,000 range. There are no origination or prepayment costs, and the company makes financing choices based on criteria other than your credit history.

#4. MoneyLion

Up to $1,000 in credit-builder loans are available from MoneyLion. When you make on-time loan payments, the company notifies the three major credit bureaus, which helps you build a solid payment history. To obtain a credit-builder loan, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.99, but you can earn rewards to reduce the cost.

Most credit-builder loans require you to wait until you have made all of your payments before receiving your funds. A portion of the loan funds from MoneyLion are sent to you in advance, and the remainder is placed in a credit reserve account that you can access after the loan term.

#5. Possible Finance

Possible gives you the choice to borrow up to $500 “instantly” and repay your loan through four payments. The lender claims that although it occasionally takes up to five days, it often disburses payments in a matter of minutes. Before you apply, make sure Possible is offered where you live because it isn’t available in every state.

#6. Earnin

 The Earnin app offers interest- and fee-free cash advances of up to $750 using your next paycheck as collateral. Although using Earnin won’t harm your credit, you’ll need a regular paycheck, direct deposit into a checking account, and a fixed work location to use the app.

You could be able to receive your money the same day if you’re authorized. If not, it will be accessible within one or two business days. On your following payday, an automated withdrawal of the borrowed money is made from your bank account.

#7. Afterpay

An app called Afterpay enables you to make in-store and online purchases and pay for them throughout four interest-free installments spread out over six weeks.
Although Afterpay might run a soft credit check, it won’t impact your credit scores. When you choose the pay-in-four option on the app, there is no interest charged, and there are no fees if you pay on time. A late fee of up to 25% of the order value may be applied if your payment is received after the deadline.

#8. NetCredit

To assist you in taking charge of your money and achieving your financial goals, NetCredit offers several resources, such as the following:
With durations of six to sixty months, NetCredit loans vary from $1,000 to $10,000. Application, prepayment, and insufficient funds costs are all waived. However, the business levies late fees, and depending on your state, you might also be required to pay an origination fee.

Easy Loans to Get Online

Easy online loans are a quick and practical way to obtain money. The yearly percentage rates on easy online personal loans normally range from 6% to 36%, and the loan amounts range from $1,000 to $100,000.

The option to pre-qualify and view customized rates before applying is a significant advantage of simple online loans. Search for lenders that provide benefits like rate reductions, flexible payment schedules, and free access to credit scores.
The advantages and disadvantages of online personal loans are discussed here, along with how to apply for one.

#1. SoFi

 SoFi offers online personal loans with user-friendly features for consumers with strong and excellent credit.


  • Option for a joint loan.
  • Autopay discounts on rates.
  • Program for debtors in hardship.
  • Managing loans with a mobile app.


  • There is no choice of the initial payment date.
  • substantial minimum loan amount.

#2. LightStream

With no fees and cheap rates that change depending on the loan’s purpose, LightStream caters to consumers with excellent credit.


  • No costs.
  • Autopay discounts on rates.
  • Long repayment periods for house improvement loans.
  • Experience Guarantee and Rate Beat program.


  • No pre-qualification option on the website.
  • requires a long history of credit

#3. Happy Money

For customers with fair and good credit, Happy Money provides loans and ongoing support to assist in consolidating credit card debt.


  • Pre-qualify with a soft credit check
  • Creditors are paid directly with debt consolidation loans.
  • Quick financing.
  • Hardship initiative.


  • Initiation charge.
  • No rate reduction.
  • No choices for joint, co-signed, or secured loans.

#4. Upgrade

The upgrade provides personal loans as well as tools for establishing credit; to qualify, you must have a healthy cash flow.


  • Joint and secured loans.
  • Various rate reductions.
  • Manage loan payments with a mobile app.


  • Initiation charge.
  • There is no possibility to pick a payment date.

#5. Universal Credit

Personal loans from Universal Credit provide consumers with weak credit with low rates and considerable flexibility.


  • Offers debt consolidation loans that make direct payments to creditors.
  • Quick financing.
  • Multiple rate discounts are available.
  • Provides free access to credit scores.


  • The origination fee is imposed.
  • There are just two repayment term options available to borrowers.

#6. LendingPoint.

Low credit ratings are accepted, and LendingPoint offers flexible payment options. Prices are high but in line with those of rivals.


  • Pre-qualification soft credit check.
  • Quick financing.
  • Has a mobile application for managing loan payments.
  • Changing your payment date is an option.


  • Only two of the three major credit bureaus are notified of payments.
  • No secured, joint, or joint loans.

How to Pick the Best Easy Loans for People With Bad Credit

No one person can benefit from a single best loan provider. Several factors determine which bad credit loan provider is best for you:

  • Eligibility requirements: Many lenders publish eligibility requirements on their websites, such as minimum income levels, credit scores, and debt-to-income ratios. Find a lender that is willing to accept a co-signer or best suits your financial situation.
  • Fees and interest rates: Your interest rate is determined by the lender using a variety of factors. To find out what a competitive interest rate for you looks like, request quotations from a few lenders and compare interest rates, origination costs, and prepayment penalties.
  • Repayment Terms: Lenders of personal loans may provide maturities ranging from one to twelve years for repayment. You’ll pay less interest overall and be debt-free sooner if your payback period is shorter. On the other hand, a longer repayment time will result in a lower monthly payment but greater interest.
  • Loan amounts: Each lender has different minimum and maximum borrowing limits. Before applying, confirm that the lender you select offers the required loan amount.
  • Lender type: Banks, credit unions, and online lenders can all provide personal loans. The lowest rates are frequently found with online lenders, but you won’t get the in-person assistance of a bank.
  • Special qualities: Especially if you’re already a member of the institution, lenders occasionally offer benefits like introductory APRs and online financial tools and apps. When comparing your top choices, consider the advantages of each lender in addition to the rates and terms.
  • Customer experience: Some lenders provide customer phone support seven days a week and online chat services. Before submitting an application, learn about the lender’s customer service options, especially if you value in-person assistance.

What to Consider Before Applying for Best Easy Loans for Bad Credit

  • Your finances: Poor credit loans frequently have higher interest rates, which may result in future debt accumulation. Consider your circumstance as a whole. Can you wait a few months to raise your credit score instead of needing a personal loan right away?
  • The circumstance: In some circumstances, personal loans are a good source of funding, but not always. It can be a good idea to initially establish credit if you intend to use the loan for anything other than an unforeseen expense or to consolidate high-interest debt.
  • The avg. monthly payment: The majority of lenders provide a prequalification tool that shows you your possible rates and payments without affecting your credit before applying. Prequalify with as many lenders as you can to determine whether your expected monthly payment will be easy on your budget.
  • Predatory alternatives: Although payday loans are promoted as a quick way to get money, they have fees. Payday loans should not be taken out if you are not authorized for a personal loan because of their extremely high-interest rates.

How Can I Borrow Money and Get it Instantly?

The most popular choices for borrowing money quickly are personal loans, cash advances online, payday loans, pawn shop loans, and loans via banks or credit unions. However, be wary of cash loan options that guarantee you an instant loan without a credit check.

How Can I Borrow $200 From Cash App?

Using the Cash App to borrow:

  • Launch the Cash App.
  • To go to the “Banking” header, tap the home screen icon if necessary.
  • Look out for the word “borrow.”
  • If you see “Borrow,” you can use a Cash App loan.
    5. Click “Borrow.”
  • Select “Unlock.”
  • Cash App will inform you of the maximum loan amount.
  • Decide on your payback strategy.

What is a Hardship Loan?

Any money borrowed to meet an urgent financial necessity or to make up for an unanticipated financial deficiency is referred to as a hardship loan. When you require a hardship loan, some options to take into account include 401(k) loans, personal loans, home equity loans, or loans from friends or family.

What App Lets You Borrow Instantly?

The following mobile applications give out $100 or more in cash:

  • EarnIn
  • Dave
  • Brigit
  • Empower
  • MoneyLion

How to Borrow $500 Dollars From Cash App?

How to borrow with the Cash App:

  • Open the app, then log in.
  • Click the account balance link.
  • Select ‘Borrow’.
  • Press ‘Unlock’.
  • Select a method of repayment.
  • Agree and accept.

Will Cash App Let Me Borrow Money?

Yes. Cash App enables qualified customers to borrow up to $200 using the app. The loan must be repaid in full within four weeks, plus a flat 5% fee.

Why Won’t Cash App Let Me Borrow Money?

If you don’t fit the criteria or have bad credit, Cash App might not let you use its borrowing features.


Check out all of your borrowing possibilities before applying for the top online easy loans for bad credit. To determine which solution makes the most financial sense, spend some time researching and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

By doing this, you can acquire the greatest rates or pay the least amount of interest. But if you need money right away, getting an emergency loan is your only choice. Prequalify for a personal loan to compare rates, costs, and terms from different lenders. If you belong to a credit union or bank, get in touch with it to find out if you are eligible for a personal loan. The most important thing is to evaluate your budget and only borrow money that you can afford to repay on time.


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