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Walnut Creek, California-based independent, full-service community bank Mechanics Bank has 144 locations, $17 billion in assets, and a top deposit franchise. Since 1905, it has helped local businesses and families create lasting client relationships. However, do you realize that because the Bank is beneficial to a large number of consumers, particularly, you can also benefit? From our top sources, Mechanics Bank has received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars undeniably. If you want to learn more about Mechanic Bank, then you have to read this article. Read on! and see how you can benefit from the services of Mechanic Bank if you plan on doing so.

Mechanic Bank 

Mechanic Bank is a full-service online bank that provides checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment products. The bank has been in existence since 2009, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Because Mechanic Bank is a member of the FDIC and SIPC, undoubtedly, your deposits are insured up to $250,000 and your investments are covered up to $500,000. The bank provides a number of checking and savings accounts, nonetheless, including a high-yield savings account with a 1.50% annual percentage rate. Personal loans, house loans, and business loans are all available through Mechanic Bank. On Trustpilot, Mechanic Bank has a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers like the bank’s great customer service, competitive rates, and user-friendly website. Overall, Mechanic Bank is a good choice, identically, for anyone seeking a full-service online bank with competitive rates and exceptional customer support.

Here are some of Mechanic Bank’s advantages


  • Rates that are competitive
  • Outstanding client service
  • A website, basically, that is easy to use
  • FDIC and SIPC protection

Mechanic Bank is a terrific option; comparatively, if you’re searching for a full-service online bank with affordable rates and good customer service. However, if you require actual branches or ATMs, you should pick a different bank.

Mechanic Bank Auto Loan 

If you are an industry professional (title officer, attorney, escrow officer, mortgage lender) and would want to seek a payment demand on behalf of a client, please gather the following information before clicking the button below, which will take you to the request form:

  • Name of the borrower
  • The last four digits of the borrower’s SSN/TIN 
  • Loan number
  • The borrower must sign a property address or parcel number authorization paperwork.

They provide both Home Equity Lines of Credit and Home Equity Loans, and we want to help you concurrently decide which is best for you. Whether it’s a little sports car or a brand-new minivan, forthwith, the vehicle of your dreams is just down the road. For competitive rates, local service, and minimal closing costs, visit your nearest Mechanics Bank branch.

Auto Loan Rates

Key features:

No down payment is required                                                   No prepayment penalty

Vehicle YearMaximum TermRate*APR**Monthly Payment per $1,000
202384 months6.99%7.340%$15.09
2022 & 202172 months6.99%7.393%$17.04
2020 & 201960 months7.24%7.717%$19.91
2018 & 201754 months7.49%8.017%$21.87
2016 & 201548 months7.74%8.329%$24.29

Mechanic Bank Mansfield Ohio 

In Mansfield County, Ohio, Mechanics Bank is an independent, full-service community bank. Founded in 1886. Richland County’s only independent, community bank is Mechanics Bank. What began in Mansfield in 1886, undeniably, is still here, headquarters and all. Our management understands our community not because of a map, but because they live here as well. Though, as an independent bank, they are free to make decisions that are best for our clients and our community. Customers have been calling Mechanics their bank for generations, and they couldn’t be more grateful. 

With their mobile app, you can certainly access all of your accounts and services. Manage your accounts, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, and much more! Check your current and available checking and savings accounts. View the balances of your mortgage, auto loan, and other accounts. Customize Account Alerts and your preferences.

Keys Features

  • Quick Access Enable Touch ID® or Face ID® for quick and secure account access 
  • Fast Balances allows you to view your balances on the fly. 
  • Improved Navigation Manage notifications and personal choices in my profile menu 
  • A navigation panel with quick access to our most frequently utilized features
  • All of the transactional tools you need to remain on top of your finances are available on a hamburger menu.

Mechanic Bank Auto

Make your daily routine easier by using eStatements! Account statements are available online at any time.

Organize yourself – View, print, or save copies from your secure online account management session whenever you need to.

Quick delivery – They’ll send you an email when your statements are ready to view online.

Take precautions – Reduce the possibility of postal fraud and identity theft.

Begin right now – Log in to your account online, then select My Info and eStatements. You’re done once you’ve read and accepted the terms.

You must first agree, evidently, to the terms and conditions indicated in the eStatement disclosure in order to receive eStatements. Their team has made it simple for you to log in to your auto loan account online, obviously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can safely and securely do the following, chiefly, with online account access:

1. Make your payment

2. Set up recurring payments.

3. Enroll in eStatements

4. View or change your contact and account details. 

5. Request a payment estimate.

6. Inquire about monthly (ACH) automatic bank account withdrawals.

Alternative Payment Methods

They accept payments in person, MoneyGram®, and Western Union, in addition to those made through their website.

Pay in Person: They accept payments in Mechanics Bank branches in California, but not at other Mechanics Bank Auto Finance locations. Please have your account number accessible before making a payment in a branch. Find a Mechanics Bank branch near you.

Pay by text: To make a Payment by Text, first, register your account with ACI Speedpay online. Subsequently, a money transfer fee may be imposed on each transaction, and the amount will be revealed to you straightaway before you complete your transaction.

Alternative Payments Through WesternUnion and MoneyGram

Pay using MoneyGram: Use your account number and Receive Code, explicitly, to locate the nearest MoneyGram® location and pay at any MoneyGram® location. A money transfer fee may be imposed on each transaction, and the amount will be revealed to you before you complete your transaction. 8288 is the Mechanics Bank Auto Finance code.

Pay with WesternUnion: Use your account number, Code Cite, and Code State to locate the nearest Western Union location and pay at any Western Union location. A money transfer fee may be imposed on each transaction, and the amount, surely, will be revealed to you before you complete your transaction.

MBAUTOFINANCE is the Mechanics Bank Auto Finance Code City. CA is the Mechanics Bank Auto Finance Code State.

What Is Mechanics Bank Called? 

Mechanics Bank began as The Iverson Bank and Trust Company in Richmond in 1905. In 1907, it changed its name to The Mechanics Bank.

What Is the Credit Rating for Mechanics Bank? 

Since its founding in 1905, it has expanded, employing 1,781 people at 122 locations as of December 2022. A B+ health rating applies to Mechanics Bank (CA).

Which Bank Owns Mechanics Bank? 

The acquisition of Mechanics Banc Holding Company and Mechanics Bank by BankFirst Capital Corporation is now complete.

How Does Mechanics Bank Bill Pay Work? 

Business users can pay a single biller or several billers at once from the Payment Center page after adding billers to their accounts. The bills listed in the Pay Bills section can be paid in full or in part. On any page, click Payment Center to access the Pay Bills section.

What Are the Perks of Mechanics Bank? 

The tenth largest bank in California is Mechanics Bank (CA), which has its corporate headquarters in WALNUT CREEK. Additionally, it is the 103rd-largest bank in the country. Since its founding in 1905, it has expanded, notwithstanding, employing 1,781 people at 122 locations as of December 2022. A B+ health rating applies to Mechanics Bank (CA) regardless of reviews. The advantages of Mechanics Bank Include 

  • Life and disability insurance.
  • Paid holidays and time off.
  • Legal Support.
  • Flexible working methods.

What Is Mechanics Bank Known For? 

In Northern California, Mechanics Bank established the first personal, automotive, and appliance loans, as well as the first drive-in banking business. The bank more than doubled in size obviously, between 1941 and 1945.

What Is the Limit on a Mechanics Bank Debit Card? 

The daily transaction limit for an ATM card is $305 for ATM withdrawals and $500 for POS transactions, which include contactless, PIN, and Signature transactions.

Why Do Mechanics Charge So Much Money? 

Even with the part on hand, significantly, the mechanic must still perform the repair operation, albeit, which is a highly specialized process. Mechanics must study a complex subject that many people rely on them to do successfully, which necessitates costly training. Not only that but also, working as efficiently as they do is a factor.

How Much Can You Overdraft Mechanics Bank?

Mechanics may reimburse your occasional and unintentional overdrafts simultaneously, up to $800 for personal accounts and $1,500 for company accounts. There is a $32 fee for each item that causes an overdraft. After seven days, an additional $5 overdraft fee will be assessed for each working day the account remains overdrawn.


Mechanics Bank Online and mobile banking allow you to do business from practically anywhere. Check your account balances, similarly, deposit checks, see statements, pay bills, and transfer funds across accounts. Online and mobile banking provides you, specifically, the power and flexibility to handle your finances whenever and wherever you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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