The Benefits of Diverting Your Business Calls to Your Mobile

The Benefits of Diverting Your Business Calls to Your Mobile
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Not all SMEs want to handle business calls on their mobile phones, but in many cases, it makes sense. When someone calls your business number, the ability to seamlessly answer their phone call on your mobile means being able to operate with greater flexibility, especially given that you don’t necessarily have to divert business numbers all the time. With a virtual business telephone number service, you can divert calls to both mobiles and other landlines for complete control. In some cases, you can even have one setting for normal business hours and another one for weekends and evenings. What are the main advantages of diverting business calls to a mobile?

#1. Never Miss a Call

With your mobile phone receiving business calls, you can deal with inquiries at all times and never miss a call. This is ideal for smaller businesses in particular since they tend to have the fewest human resources and need people who can respond from their mobile phone as well as their office handset. For sole traders, this sort of versatility is even more crucial. If you are on the phone already, then you still won’t miss a call because it can be sent directly to your business voicemail.

#2. Answer Professionally Every Time

According to one business telephony specialist, Cleartone Communications, diverting a business call to a mobile happens instantly and without the caller even being aware of the transfer. In addition, you will be able to tell whether you are receiving a transferred call from your business line or a personal call direct to your mobile phone. This way, you can answer the call professionally when it is a supplier or customer calling you every time without fail.

#3. Respond to Enquiries Quicker

Having business calls sent to your mobile means you can deal with them more efficiently. If callers aren’t transferred and answered, they are more likely to leave a message or simply hang up. This takes time and effort later in the day to deal with missed calls, of course. However, by diverting callers to your mobile, you are more likely to be able to respond immediately.

#4. Work From Anywhere

Many businesses need to be agile these days, whether they are providing services in the field or delivering goods to clients in other parts of the country. So long as your mobile phone has good reception, you can work from any location in the UK without being tied to the geographical area code of your business line. For example, you could be sitting in an office in Newcastle while someone calls your 0207 London business number (or vice versa) and still answer it just as you normally would.

#5. Enjoy Additional Telephony Features

These days, business telephone service providers offer more features that make using your mobile phone for business calls even more appealing. Perhaps you’d like music on hold for callers while you check stock records or you would find it useful to have business WhatsApp integrated into your service, for example? If so, then this is certainly on offer with various call packages and business number price plans on offer today.

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