SAVINGS ACCOUNT BONUSES: Best Banks Offering Bonuses On Accounts

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Savings account bonuses offer a simple way to earn extra cash. All you need to do is open a new account and meet certain deposit or balance prerequisites. That is to say, if you are interested in increasing your savings, it is worth analyzing some of these bonuses, as they can amount to hundreds of dollars. Also, obtaining the best savings account bonuses is a relatively straightforward process that can significantly contribute to achieving your financial objectives. Read on to learn about the best online savings account bonuses and the best checking and saving account bonuses.

Best Online Savings Account Bonuses

The best online savings account bonuses include the following:

#1. LendingClub 

This is one of the best online savings account bonuses that stand out among savings options with no monthly maintenance cost and minimum balance restriction. The minimum opening deposit is only $100. LendingClub gives its users a free ATM card and doesn’t charge them any ATM fees, in contrast to many savings accounts. You can withdraw money from your savings account whenever you like.

In addition, you can use your balance for internal and external transfers, as well as for paying bills and sending money to loved ones. You can also fund your LendingClub savings account in a number of ways, including a cash deposit at some ATMs, a check deposit through the mobile app, a direct deposit, an electronic transfer from another bank, or a wire transfer.

#2. SoFi 

All new and existing SoFi users aged 18 and up are eligible for this offer, with the exception of those who have already set up direct deposit to a SoFi deposit account. SoFi has a distinct advantage over its rivals because it does not impose any account fees on its customers. 

SoFi doesn’t demand a minimum balance either. To receive the $50 incentive, you must make at least $1,000 in eligible direct deposits, although you can withdraw the funds at any time. If you want to take advantage of a special account offer but need easy access to your money, this may be a good option for you.

#3. UFB Premier Savings 

If you’re looking for a high return on your money without sacrificing accessibility, UFB Premier Savings is the best option. There are no minimum deposits required, monthly fees, or withdrawal limits associated with this account. The high rate of return applies equally to deposits of whatever size. UFB Direct, like the other banks below, is a branch of Axos Bank that exclusively operates online. Customers receive a free ATM card but cannot open a checking account at any of the bank’s locations.

#4. Alliant Savings

New Alliant members and past customers who closed their accounts more than 180 days ago are eligible for this offer. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. 

If you sign up for Alliant’s overdraft protection service, you’ll never have to pay a fee for going over your account’s limit. If you sign up to get electronic statements, the monthly cost will be removed. There are no account maintenance fees, but you’ll need to keep at least $5 in yours to keep the account open and $100 in it to take advantage of the offer. 

#5. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

This is also one of the best online savings account bonuses available because of its fee-free nature, lack of necessary opening deposits, and easy mobile app. It’s the simplest method to grow your savings account with no strings attached. Marcus’ mobile banking app stands out for how simple it makes managing your money, such as making monthly deposits, tracking your savings progress, and showing your yearly interest profits. Through its contact center, the bank provides round-the-clock phone and live-chat assistance to customers in the United States.

Marcus savings account funds are available for withdrawal via ACH, free wire transfer to another bank account, or online and by phone. If you choose that type of withdrawal, a check can be mailed to you. You can also deposit funds into your account by moving funds from another account, making direct deposits, depositing checks, or utilizing a wire transfer. Although Marcus does not charge a fee for enabling interbank transactions, keep in mind that your primary financial institution may.

Best Checking and Savings Account Bonuses

If you are considering the prospect of opening a fresh checking account, the present moment presents an opportune time to proceed with this endeavor. In an effort to entice prospective customers, both national and regional banks have rolled out exclusive incentives that promise substantial cash bonuses. Hence, by taking advantage of these enticing offers, individuals can potentially secure hundreds of dollars in additional funds.

When it comes to the potential earnings and eligibility criteria for receiving a bonus, it is important to note that these factors differ across various financial institutions. In light of this, we have diligently conducted thorough research to pinpoint the most enticing checking and savings account bonuses that are presently accessible. Thus, the best checking and savings account bonuses include the following:

#1. SoFi 

Anyone who has never had a direct deposit into a SoFi bank or checking savings account is eligible for the bonus. To open an account with SoFi, you need to be at least 18 years old.  SoFi does not require a minimum balance and does not assess any overdraft or monthly fees. Over 55,000 of the ATMs available to members are free of charge.

#2. Citibank

Citibank, originally known as the City Bank of New York, has called New York City home since its inception in 1812. Citi now provides a variety of financial services including credit cards, bank and savings accounts, lending, wealth management, and more. In addition to the over 60,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the United States, users of Citibank have access to over 2,300 ATMs in over 600 Citibank offices. With Citi’s website or mobile app, customers may check the status of their accounts and perform the majority of their banking transactions. 

#3. Axos Bank

Axos Bank will only send you one free checking account offer per year. ThisBank will assess a $100 early closure fee if your account is closed before 180 days have passed. Paychecks and government benefits received electronically qualify as direct deposits. Cash and cheque deposits are not qualified. 

There are no overdrafts or monthly maintenance charges at Axos Bank. There is no need to stress over finding network ATMs thanks to the unlimited domestic ATM reimbursement. To open an account, you’ll need at least $50.

#4. EZChoice Checking Account

This offer is for brand-new account signups only. No matter how many accounts a consumer opens, they will only receive one bonus from M&T Bank. If you have received a bonus from M&T Bank for opening a personal checking account during the past 12 months, you are not eligible for this offer. Employees and their families of M&T Bank are ineligible for the bonus. 

A $50 closeout fee will be assessed by M&T Bank if you close your account within the first 180 days. There are no monthly service charges or minimum balance requirements for the EZChoice Checking Account. Both paper and digital statements are available at no additional cost.

#5. Chase Bank

Chase Bank has millions of customers across the United States, whom it serves through its website and its 5,000 physical locations. It provides a variety of financial services, such as credit cards, savings accounts, bank accounts, CDs, house loans, vehicle loans, investments, and goods for businesses.

Twitter support is accessible on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, in addition to telephone support. By signing into their Chase account online or through the Chase mobile app, consumers can send a secure email to a representative. 

Can I Get a Bonus for Opening a Savings Account?

Numerous savings account bonuses present a lucrative opportunity to effortlessly accumulate a sum of $100 or even more. Opening an account is a straightforward process that allows you to gain access to a wide range of financial services. By simply completing a few necessary steps, you can establish a secure and reliable account that suits your specific needs. Additionally, once your account is successfully opened, you have the option to deposit a certain amount of funds or maintain a specified balance to ensure optimal account functionality. Purchasing these products can prove to be a highly advantageous investment, provided that you are able to fulfill the necessary criteria in order to qualify for the accompanying bonus.

Is Wells Fargo Giving Away $1000?

Indeed, Wells Fargo offers a lucrative opportunity to receive monetary benefits upon opening an account. By simply opening an account, you can embark on a rewarding journey where, within a span of 90 days, you have the opportunity to receive a substantial sum of $1,000 or more. All you need to do is ensure that these funds are deposited through qualifying direct channels into your brand-new checking account within the aforementioned 90-day period.

What Is the $250 Bonus on Chime?

Chime, in collaboration with Swagbucks, presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their financial journey. By embarking on a new Chime account, users can now relish the added advantage of receiving a remarkable bonus of 25,000 Swagbucks, equivalent to a substantial value of $250. This enticing offer serves as a testament to Chime’s commitment to delivering unparalleled benefits to its valued customers. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to amplify your financial rewards with Chime and Swagbucks! The revised offer represents a significant improvement over the initial agreement, which entailed a mere 15,000 points, equivalent to approximately $150 in value. In addition, Chime is currently offering a similar promotion in collaboration with MyPoints, providing users with the opportunity to earn an additional $40.

What Is the Capital One Promo Code for Savings Accounts in 2023?

To take advantage of our current promotion,  use the promo code SPRING23 when opening a new 360 Performance Savings account. To qualify for the following rewards, you must deposit a minimum of $10,000 within 15 days of opening: $100 for deposits of $10,000, $500 for deposits of $50,000, or $1,000 for deposits of $100,000. Also, ensure to keep the money in your account for a period of 90 days. The bonus will be deposited into your account within 60 days.

How to Get a $600 Bonus From Chase?

You have the possibility to earn the coveted total bonus if you attentively follow these instructions. Discover the numerous advantages of opening both a Chase Total Checking® and a Chase SavingsSM account. You have the option of submitting your application online or in person at one of our branches. The application deadline is set for 07/19/2023, giving you plenty of time to complete the essential tasks. To be eligible, you must receive a qualifying direct deposit into your selected checking account within the first 90 days.

How to Get $200 From Chase Bank?

You’ll receive a $200 bonus if you open a Chase Total Checking account and enroll in a direct deposit within 90 days. What exactly constitutes a “direct deposit?” Direct deposits of your salary, pension, or government benefits into a bank account are what determine eligibility.

Can I Withdraw $2000 From Wells Fargo?

There are numerous factors that go into determining the limits for each account and customer, so they can vary greatly. When it comes to ATM withdrawals, it is worth noting that Wells Fargo typically imposes a standard limit of $300. The tier of your checking account can affect the daily limit for your transactions. Customers with basic checking accounts can generally expect to have a lower limit compared to those with premium checking accounts.


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