People Operations Tools from Zenefits

people operations tools from Zenefits
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One of the many challenges facing a growing business is navigating the complexities of human resources. From employee onboarding and benefits administration to time tracking and performance management, HR professionals face many tasks that require efficient and streamlined solutions. This is where Zenefits, a leading HR software company, comes into play. With its comprehensive suite of people operations tools, Zenefits offers businesses an alternative to traditional HR management systems, shifting focus to providing a meaningful employee experience.

This article will explore Zenefits’ people operations tools, detailing the most valuable features and explaining how these innovative people-centric solutions make them stand out in the competitive HR software market. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Zenefits’ people operations tools are designed to simplify your HR operations and empower your workforce.

What is People Ops?

People operations is a term coined by Google’s Lazlo Bock in 2006 that encompasses a people-centric approach to managing and supporting an organization’s workforce. While the innovative business function includes traditional HR components such as employee onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and compliance, these systems are redesigned to maximize results and progress the work experience. People Ops utilizes automation and data to optimize productivity, focusing on outcomes rather than employee management.

Human Resources Vs. People Operations

Human Resources (HR) and People Operations are often used interchangeably, but they have different connotations and approaches to managing an organization’s workforce. While both functions involve managing employees, there are some key differences between HR and People Operations regarding their mindset, focus, and execution.

Traditional HR typically focuses on administrative tasks, compliance, and policies, with a top-down approach to managing employees. It often involves rigid processes, hierarchical structures, and a transactional relationship between employees and the HR department. In addition, HR is typically seen as a support function that deals with day-to-day operations, such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee records management.

On the other hand, People Operations takes a more strategic and employee-centric approach. The methodology views employees as valuable assets and focuses on creating a positive employee experience, fostering a culture of continuous feedback, and aligning HR strategies with overall business goals. People Operations aims to optimize the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting and onboarding talent to developing and retaining employees. It involves a more holistic and proactive approach to managing the workforce, considering factors such as employee engagement, performance management, talent development, and overall well-being.

People Ops Tools                   

Zenefits’ platform is designed with a people operations mindset, going beyond traditional HR practices to provide a comprehensive solution for modern people management. Let’s explore how Zenefits is leading the industry in people ops by looking closer at two employee-centric tools.

#1. People Hub

The People Hub is integrated into the Zenefits suite allowing employees to stay informed and connected through a real-time content feed. By encouraging collaboration and increasing visibility, employees and admin can utilize the tool to bring increasingly dispersed organizations closer together.

Zenefit’s People Hub is a centralized location to answer questions, post announcements, and access critical company information. The feed resembles a social media platform with similar functions like pins, comments, and reactions. Employees can access the People Hub to engage with coworkers and administration directly from their phones using Zenefits’ award-winning app.

#2. People Analytics

Another part of the Zenifits platform that leverages people operations is the People Analytics feature. The tool helps administrators visualize critical information to help align an employee-centric strategy with company success.

Here’s how it works:

  • Admin can curate custom boards with easy-to-use templates to help understand employee trends.
  • Data visualization helps identify discrepancies such as employee turnover rates, gender diversity, and compensation by department.
  • Users can filter data to find trends and share reports to inform leadership of accomplishments and shortcomings.

The People Analytics tools utilize AI and ML to create reports called People Predictions. Leveraging technology helps give humans a better understanding of data and predict outcomes based on current trends. For example, if an organization attempts to increase retention rates, the People Predictions can identify employees most likely to resign within the next 12 months. In addition, the software will autonomously build programs to improve the ‘at-risk’ employee’s work experience.

Change Your Approach to HR with Zenefits

Innovative ideas are essential to keep employees happy as the work environment is rapidly changing. Traditional HR methodologies may be too rigid to accommodate the modern workforce. People operations is one of the most exciting changes to employee management. While the idea was conceived nearly two decades ago, and its implications may be far overdue, the recent realizations in work culture create urgency to adopt new HR management philosophies.

Zenefits is at the forefront of bringing these ideas to fruition. While the platform offers traditional HR processes like onboarding and time tracking, People Operations are a fundamental aspect of the service. Tools like The People Hub and People Analytics go beyond expressing the need for change in the workforce; they give companies the tools to implement revolutionary concepts that dramatically improve employees’ lives.

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