ONESTREAM: What It Is, Features, Competitors & More 2023

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Corporate performance management (CPM) software from OneStream Software streamlines and simplifies complex business processes like budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analytics. All these and much more are stored up in their data base. This article will teach you about Onestream Marketplace, how to do Excel Add In, onestream competitors and so much more.

OneStream Software

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge software platform that can change your financial procedures and business decisions, go no farther than OneStream Software, a market leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Cloud-based or put in locally. Consolidating, planning, reporting, and checking financial data is made easier for multinational corporations using OneStream’s single unified platform.

Customers may take use of best tools like Predictive Forecasting, Machine Learning, and the scalability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud with the help of the OneStream platform. OneStream’s unified CPM platform can be further enhanced with the help of the more than 50 pre-built apps available through the OneStream XF MarketPlace. Sales forecasting, capital budgeting, personnel planning, account balancing, tax provisioning, and more can all be handled with the help of these solutions.

Seventy-five percent or more of our clients have switched to OneStream from Oracle Hyperion, SAP, or IBM, consolidating their use of numerous products into a single installation. OneStream is relied upon by numerous organizations for their planning, consolidation, closing, financial and regulatory reporting, and analytics needs. These organizations include UPS, Toyota, Sonoco, BDO, Polaris, and federal government agencies.

Onestream Marketplace

Because of the OneStream XF Marketplace, the platform is suitable for practically everybody. These options can be tailored to meet the specific needs of every business. With so many options available, it might be difficult to determine which one to pursue. Here are the top 7 options available on the Market.

#1. Excel Add-In Installer 

One of the most popular add-ons for OneStream is the Excel Add-in. Users in the finance department are already familiar with Excel and can quickly and simply include data from their OneStream application into their reports to ensure consistency and utilization of a single source of truth. The Excel add-in requires its own installer, which is part of the package but not yet present on the user’s PC. Users can get the installer straight from OneStream thanks to a Market Place solution, ensuring that everyone is running the latest and greatest version.

#2. Standard System Reports

There is a collection of reports in the Standard System Reports. This can be used for basic administrative reporting, simplifying that role. The Administrator relies on these reports, hence they can be gotten in system dashboards. The Load/Extract feature allows for the import of the default system reports.

#3. Standard Cube View

Users basically receive their information from Cube Views. Even though they are simple to set up, the options for layout are limitless. You may give your app a polished and unified appearance by making use of Cube View styles. OneStream has provided you with a variety of pre-defined Cube View styles that you can use to format your Cube Views with the use of stylesheets. You may get it through the App Store or Google Play.

# 4. Standard Application Reports

Similar to the System Reports, the Standard Application Reports provides a standard collection of reports. However, these reports are written with the end user in mind. There are five types of reports to choose from:

  • Evaluation of Use
  • Corporate Compatibility
  • Article Specifics
  • Alteration to the Rules of the Game
  • Project Updates

Ancillary tables are required for use with the Standard Application Reports. Your (technical) administrator partner should set this up if they haven’t already. Once the archive has been imported, the solution’s dashboard may be gotten, and table creation and activation may commence.

#5. Default Map Templates

One of the more compact options is the standard Map Templates. Therefore, this may appear to be an fake option. Marc Roest, on the other hand, finds them particularly helpful when loading data from source systems that necessitates a mapping of data (from source format to target format). It is common for users to desire a quick and dirty mapping when testing or working new locations to see how the data comes through. ‘Pass through’ mappings for each dimension are included in the downloadable Excel sample. The primary benefit is not having to manually enter these mappings but rather getting them.

#6. Security Audit Report

These default reports provide auditing insight into user security and group information. Access auditing is important in an enterprise performance management system that is used in production. As a strong foundation for your security audit, this Market Place solution provides reports that may be run over a set period and approved by the authorized person.

#7. Task Manager 

One of the most well-liked Onestream Marketplace offerings is Task Manager (UTM). UTM allows for the management of workflows both within and beyond the confines of OneStream XF. What makes this approach so well-liked? How exactly does this enhance your experience with OneStream XF? Marc Roest will discuss UTM in further depth throughout the course of his next two posts. Is it worthy of the hype?

Onestream Excel Add In

The correct version of OneStream Excel Add-in to be installed on the user’s machine, and there are two ways to do so that we’ll go over here. There is presently no backwards compatibility between different versions of the OneStream application and its plug-ins.

The right version can be installed in a number different ways:

  • Removing the old plugin and replacing it with the latest version’s setup files, which can be found on the XF MarketPlace.
  • You can update the plug-in by selecting “Client Updater” from the “Applications” subtab of OneStream.

Onestream Competitors

Top Competitors to OneStream for small companies.

#1. IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics combines the adaptability of spreadsheets with the stability and governance of databases to provide a comprehensive solution for strategic business planning. It aids users in delivering FP&A, Sales, Supply chain, HR, marketing, IT, and Sustainability plans, forecasts, and budgets more quickly and accurately so that they can respond to shifting market demands.

#2. Cube

From New York-based business Cube Planning comes Cube, an FP&A platform designed to free up finance teams to focus on strategic initiatives and make meaningful contributions to the growth of the company rather than mundane administrative tasks.

#3. Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

The Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) one of the major Onestream competitors is a vital component of the Oracle Cloud SaaS offering. Oracle Risk Management and Oracle Expense Management are included in this answer. Financials, Revenue Management, Accounting Hub, Project Portfolio Management, and Procurement are a few examples of such programs. Built into the uniform cloud platform are established norms and cutting-edge best practices from many sectors.

Many businesses rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and Oracle aspires to provide a cutting-edge, interconnected solution with the convenience and adaptability of cloud storage and computing. Oracle’s cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings provide all the essential features for running a business and improving operational efficiency, including advanced functionality, analytics, security, mobile access, and social collaboration tools.

When compared to on-premises ERP solutions hosted in a company’s own data center, cloud-based ERP systems can be deployed more quickly and at lower cost. Financial planning and analysis, financial reporting compliance, and other financial services, as well as supply chain management and project management, may all be accessed by any employee in real time via the cloud.

Oracle’s cloud apps now have AI capabilities that offer sophisticated business intelligence and analytics tools, helping businesses make better decisions by gleaning useful insights from large data sets.

#4. Vena 

Financial activities such as Corporate Performance Management, accounting and budgeting, and Regulatory & Compliance can all be automated with the use of Vena Solutions’ software. It can be expanded to accommodate huge enterprises.

#5. SAP Analytics Cloud

Integration with SAP applications and accessibility to non-SAP data sources are only two of the many benefits of SAP’s Analytics Cloud offering. SAP Analytics Cloud, part of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, is a planning and analytics solution that can be used across an organization to gain confidence in decision-making based on reliable data.

#6. Tagetik 

Budgeting, financial planning, consolidation, and management reporting are all brought together in one place with Tagetik, a solution for corporate performance management. Tagetik is portable between deployment models, so you may choose to use it either as a SaaS service, in a private cloud, or locally on your own servers.

#7. Anaplan

When it comes to business analysis, planning, and management, Anaplan is a game-changer. Anaplan’s unique Hyperblock technology allows users to place current events in a broader context and predict future outcomes, allowing them to make more informed, timely decisions. Anaplan offers unified business strategy and planning across the organization. Anaplan, headquartered in San Francisco, boasts over 200 partners and 2,000 customers all around the world.

What is OneStream Used for?

OneStream is a tool for managing performance that helps with things like budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and ensuring data quality. The whole Performance Management Cycle can be handled by just one program.

How Much is OneStream License Cost?

Three different versions of OneStream Live range in price from $10 to $79. OneStream Live offers a free demo that you can try out. The Standard Plan costs $39.00 per month, while the Professional Plan costs $79.00 per month each month.

What are the Benefits of OneStream?

Financial consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis are all available from within OneStream, a single CPM (Corporate Performance Management) platform. It helps businesses streamline their financial processes, lessen risk, and ensure that their financial data is accurate and consistent.

What Language is OneStream?

Visual Basic.NET and C#
Both the OneStream platform and the Business Rules engine are built on top of the Microsoft.Net Framework. Business Rule syntax should, therefore, make use of VB.Net or C#. All Business Rules are compiled on demand at execution time and cached to ensure rapid and consistent execution. When compared to prior solutions based on VBScript, there are significant benefits for the end user when a Business Rule is written in VB.Net or C#. Given the comprehensive nature of VB.Net and C#, developers working on Business Rules should anticipate superior code performance, improved error messaging, and refined error handling. As a result of these features, the Business Rule code can be trusted better.

What Network Does OneStream use?

The Openreach network’s Onestream Fibre service is comparable to the entry-level plans offered by BT, Sky, and TalkTalk. It, like these others (and the vast majority of UK broadband providers), uses BT’s Openreach network to connect customers to the internet.

Is one Stream Free?

The foundation of OneStream Live is a free service. However, a paid subscription plan is required to access the premium features.

How old is OneStream Software?

Despite how long it seems like it’s been, OneStream will actually be 10 years old in 2022. The company’s founders started developing the software in 2011, and they signed their first customer in 2012, but the name “OneStream Software LLC” wasn’t officially registered until the following year. Since then, we’ve been going full steam ahead in terms of customer acquisition, new hires, platform improvements, and market penetration.


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