LEADSQUARED: Overview, Pricing & Competitors 2023

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Despite what most people think, Marketing automation is more than just writing emails. Experts say that if marketing automation is done right, it should help speed up and automate how sales and other marketing efforts are measured. This means that marketing automation is no longer just a “nice thing for a business.” Instead, it is now a necessary asset for any company that intends to thrive and profit in the business world. In this article, we will be explaining Leadsquared, Leadsquared CRM, price, and integration.


As you’ve probably guessed by now, LeadSquared is mostly an automatic tool for marketing, but it also offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services for sales. This company was started in 2012, and its headquarters are in India. In the beginning, LeadSquared was a tool for automating marketing. However, when the individuals behind LeadSquared began to add additional features to make the entire platform smarter and more efficient, this platform has grown into so much more than it was in the beginning.

Official sources say that the main goal of LeadSquared is to give its users the kind of help that helps them close more deals and improves their general efficiency, so they can easily handle their pipelines. LeadSquared offers high-quality services, which is why they have many well-known customers who can’t stop talking about how great this platform is. Omaxe, Byjus, Happiest Minds, Zoomcar, HCL Technologies, Coldwell Banker, Bharti AXA, UTI Asset Management, Vidyanext, and NIIT, to name a few, are some of these users.

If someone reads the reviews of LeadSquared, they will see that there are some general benefits to using the high-quality services that LeadSquared offers.

Benefits to Using the High-Quality Services That Leadsquared Offers.

Some of these advantages are listed below.

  • Reduce overall lead leakage
  • Prioritizing leads in a smarter and more effective way
  • Automation of numerous sales and marketing procedures
  • Providing thorough information about sales and marketing
  • Better integration with various business tools
  • It comes with its own development platform. This allows people to build their own unique business logic that works best for them.

If you like all of these benefits and want to get them for your business, you can buy LeadSquared for one person for $25 per month. LeadSquared doesn’t have a free version of their website, but they give a free trial to help people figure out if LeadSquared would be a good fit for their business.

Leadsquared CRM 

You probably already know that LeadSquared is a tool for marketing management that offers CRM services for sales. LeadSquared’s main office, which opened in 2012, is in the cyber hub of Bangalore. LeadSquared was first made so that the marketing process could be done automatically.

LeadSquared has come a long way since its early days. Its creators have worked hard to add more features that make the platform as a whole more creative and useful.

LeadSquared’s main goal, according to the company’s official sources, is to help its users close deals and improve their general efficiency so that they can handle their pipelines more easily. The exceptional service level of LeadSquared has attracted numerous high-profile clients who are always glad to sing the platform’s praises. 

Customers like Omaxe, Byjus, Happiest Minds, Zoomcar, HCL Technologies, Coldwell Banker, Bharti AXA, UTI Asset Management, Vidyanext, and NIIT are all well-known companies.

Reading LeadSquared reviews may provide a potential consumer with an idea of what it’s like to deal with the firm and the numerous benefits of employing its services.

Benefits of Using Leadsquared CRM

  • Reduce the quantity of lead that leaks into the environment.
  • smarter and more efficient lead prioritization
  • Increasing efficiency by computerizing marketing and sales chores
  • Giving in-depth information about marketing and sales
  • improved compatibility among multiple business apps
  • It features a built-in platform for programmers. So, companies can create business logic that fits their own needs.

If you like the features and benefits of LeadSquared and want to use them for your business, a monthly contract costs just $25. Even though there is no free version of the LeadSquared website, people can sign up for a free sample to see if the service is a good fit for their business.

What Features Does Leadsquared Offer?

After describing what Leadsquared is, we could talk about what it can do. If what you’ve heard about LeadSquared so far has impressed you, but you want to know more about its features before deciding whether or not to buy it for your business, this is a must-read.

As was already said, LeadSquared gives its paid customers a number of perks. We can’t talk about all of those things here. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the most important parts of this service. Here is a quick summary of the choices you have.

#1. A Faster, More Automated Method of Gathering Leads from Any and All Sources

It’s not strange that almost all marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems include automatic lead capture. So what makes LeadSquared different in this way?

The answer to this question is found in how quickly LeadSquared finishes this job. The fact that the connection works with various events, chats (both online and offline), phone calls, and lead capture forms makes this possible. It also works with Ozonete, Exotel, and Ameyo, which are cloud-based business communication systems.

#2. Inquiry Management: Sorting, Grouping, and Ranking Leads

Lead scoring, lead grouping, and lead handling are all important parts of any business’s growth. This part of LeadSquared gives you what you’re looking for. By putting each customer into a category and giving them a score, a business is much more likely to turn leads into buyers.

Some businesses can use SMS to handle leads and contact them without having to do anything. This is not something that comes with most marketing management tools.

#3. Making Unique Email Marketing Efforts

You already know that if your email ads are attractive and personalized, they are more likely to make a sale. As of right now, though, we can tell you that LeadSquared can help you with that kind of email marketing.

Customers of LeadSquared can use drag-and-drop tools to add pictures, CTA buttons, and text. These are just a few of the many tools they can use to improve lead connections across the board. This helps make it possible for each customer to get very personalized services.

Leadsquared Price 

Are you curious about LeadSquared’s prices? We’ll take care of you. Find out how much LeadSquared costs and what other options you have. The LeadSquared is a marketing automation tool that assists businesses in driving their sales process by providing insights into increasing closings, managing pipelines precisely, and attributing accurate ROI across multiple dimensions.

LeadSquared has four different price plans for how much they cost: Lite, Pro, Super, and Ultimate. 

LeadSquared price is based on the package chosen and the extra features that will be used and needed. This is paid on an annual basis. Also, they offer add-ons that allow you to customize your plan even more.

LeadSquared has three plans, the cheapest of which costs $25. Lite, Pro, and Super are the different plans. There is a unique price option for the Ultimate plan.

  • Lite: $25 per user per month.
  • Pro-Cost: $50 per user per month.
  • Super-Cost: $100 per user per month.

LeadSquared Price and Plans Compared

All three of LeadSquared’s plans are well-designed and offer a great experience. Every plan has more options than the one before it.

For example, the Lite plan, which costs $104, has a lot of features. The main ones are lead management, lead tracking, conversion tracking, sales reports, sales management, sales communication, mobile CRM, smart views, and an API framework.

The Pro plan has all of the benefits of the Lite plan and a few more. It gives you email campaigns, responsive themes, personalized emails, and data on your email campaigns. In addition, it offers territory management, reports on sales success, and customer management.

In the same way, the Super plan has all the same features as the Pro plan, plus a visual workflow creator, automated communication, automated sales, escalations, customized sales processes, dynamic forms, advanced sales signals, and sales sequences. ActiveCampaign is a competitor that offers features like marketing automation, sending an endless number of emails, a drag-and-drop email builder, segmentation, membership forms, email and automation reports, and tracking of both sites and events.

LeadSquared also has some add-ons that give people more options. These are landing pages, chat integration, Facebook lead ads integration, WhatsApp integration, lead marketplace integration, webinar integration, call centre integration, customer site integration, and support software integration.

Leadsquared gives a 15-day free trial, just like most of its competitors, like Nimble and Salesforce Sales Hub. LeadSquared has many features that its rivals don’t have, like field-level security, limits based on rank, and restrictions based on location. The company that is most like LeadSquared is Salesforce Sales Cloud. It has similar features at a much lower price of $25 per person per month for the Essential plan, which allows 10 users.

Leadsquared Integration

See a list of LeadSquared integrations and tools that interact with LeadSquared below. Compare the finest LeadSquared integrations, as well as the features, ratings, user reviews, and prices of LeadSquared-integrated applications.  Here are the LeadSquared integrations in effect in 2023:

#1. Clari Copilot

Clari Copilot (formerly Wingman) transforms your revenue team into serial closers by assisting them in winning every revenue-critical moment.

The conversation intelligence tool from Clari Copilot gives reps and managers everything they need to fight fiercely, find income leaks, and close deals faster.

With the combination of Clari and Clari Copilot, you have everything you need to run your business on a single platform. Clari Copilot stores your conversation data directly where your sales team works, in Clari.

Starting price: $500 a year per user

#2. Zapier

Automate workflows by connecting your apps. Busy people can benefit from simple automation.  Zapier makes it easy to move data between your online apps, so you can focus on the most significant tasks. With a few clicks, you can connect your web apps so they can exchange data. Zaps are routines that allow you to send data across apps. Build processes more quickly and efficiently—no coding necessary. Learn how Zapier makes automation available to everyone.  Use the tools that are working for you.

Zapier links more online apps than anybody else, and new possibilities are added every week. We work with tools like Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and many more! Our editor was designed specifically for do-it-yourself automation. Set up Zaps without the assistance of a developer. Use Zapier’s built-in applications to build sophisticated workflows without relying on third-party services. Over 3 million users use Zapier to automate time-consuming tasks.

Starting price: $20.00 a month

What Is Leadsquared Used For?

LeadSquared assists customers in automating processes like lead generation, marketing, sales CRM, reporting, and analytics. LeadSquared also has lead scores, landing pages, insights into marketing and sales, segmentation, and access for users based on their roles.

Is Leadsquared a Product or Service-Based Company?

LeadSquared is a cloud-based marketing automation and CRM solution for all types of businesses. It works with clients in fields such as banking, e-commerce, education, health and wellness, marketing, real estate, software, and hospitality.

Why Do You Want to Join Leadsquared?

You have complete control over your task. Also, you do your work without much or any help from anyone else. However, you get credit for what goes well, and you are responsible for what goes wrong.

Is Leadsquared a Good Company for Freshers?

Not a good idea for newcomers. There is a lot of micromanagement and office politics in the US team, but the pay is good. People are beneficial, however, some mentors/buddies are uninterested in you and pass on their worry and strain to you.

Is Leadsquared a B2B Company?

LeadSquared is a B2B company that sells CRM tools to other businesses. Autoliv is another business that sells to other businesses. They make airbags for brands like Ford and Toyota. B2C, on the other hand, stands for business ties between companies and customers.


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