How to Delete Kik Account Permanently without email iPhone Android

Despite its widespread use, Kik has attracted criticism as much as praise. It’s a free app that helps you find new friends and others with similar interests. It’s even used by some as a more accepting alternative to Tinder. It is difficult to confirm the identity of a Kik user because registration does not require a working email address or phone number. This can lead to deception, exploitation, and cyberbullying because users won’t feel responsible for each other. This is one of the reasons many people want to delete their Kik account permanently or without an email. Read on to learn how to delete your Kik account on iPhone and Android.

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What is Kik?

Whether you know it as Kik Messenger or simply as Kik, it’s a free mobile chat program that works on iOS and Android. You can use it to have private conversations with other users and to share media with them. Teenagers have shown themselves to be particularly fond of it.

Kik requires only a user’s email address, date of birth, and username. This means that users’ profiles are largely invisible to one another. The app can also be set to permanently erase all chat logs. However, the software has several security flaws, such as IP recording and no end-to-end encryption.

How to Delete Kik Account

Are you prepared to permanently delete your Kik account? If you can’t give an emphatic affirmative, that’s okay. You can take some time away from the app by temporarily disabling your account to help you decide if quitting is the best option.

Here is how to go about it:

How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Kik Account

  • To deactivate your Kik account, please visit
  • Type in your email address.
  • Click the Go button.
  • Select the Deactivate button in the Kik email.
  • You can always sign back into your Kik account to revive it.

How to Permanently Delete a Kik Account

If you want to permanently delete your Kik account, here is what to do:

  • The Kik account termination page must be visited. Check the box below and provide your information as well as your exit reason.
  • Simply press the “Go!” button. Example of closing a Kik account
  • Kik is going to email you. Crack it open.
  • Select “Permanently Deactivate” and proceed as directed.

Your profile will be removed from the system forever. Your profile will be invisible to other users, and you will stop receiving notifications from the app. If you want to use the app again after your account has been deactivated, you will need to make a new profile. The procedure is the same for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Delete Kik Account on Android

To delete Kik from an Android device, just follow a few simple steps. You will succeed if you adhere to them.

The following are the steps to follow to delete a Kik account on Android:

  • Start by opening the Kik app on your Android
  • Select “Settings” to open the menu.
  • Select “Your Account” from the menu option.
  • After logging into Kik, go to the “Your Account” tab and select the “Reset Kik” button.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you can enter your email address to receive a deactivation link for your Kik account.
  • Go to your inbox and tap the link. Then you can delete the Kick app from your Android device, and your Kik account will be deactivated.

How to Delete Kik Account on iPhone

Kik is a popular alternative for iPhone users to stay in touch with their friends and family, however, there are situations when a user may wish to permanently erase their Kik account. But removing the app is not the only way to delete a Kik account on an iPhone. The procedure could be a little tricky and require some technological expertise.

Things You Need to Get Ready for

Before we get into the specifics of how to delete your Kik account, let’s have a look at a few things you should have handy:

  • Update Kik on your iPhone to the most recent version.
  • If you want to use Kik, you need to make sure you can access the email address that is linked to your account.
  • Before you delete your Kik account, make a copy of all your data, including messages, images, and videos.
  • Maintain a constant internet connection on your iPhone throughout the entire procedure.

Step One: The Kik App

If you want to permanently delete your Kik account on your iPhone, the first and simplest way to do so is through the Kik app itself. The procedure is as follows:

  • Firstly, open the Kik app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.
  • Access the configuration menu by clicking the gear icon.
  • Choose “Your Account” from the menu.
  • Select “Reset Kik” and then confirm with Yes.”
  • Type in your Kik account’s email address and hit the “Go” button.
  • You will see a link to permanently delete your Kik account in your inbox.
  • The account will be canceled permanently after you click the link.

Step Two: Via Kik Support

You can directly contact Kik support for assistance if you experience any technical issues while attempting to delete your Kik account via the app. Here are the measures to take:

  • Open the Kik support page on your iPhone.
  • After that, choose “Account Issues” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “I want to delete my account” from the list of sub-options.
  • Type in the email address you used to sign up for Kik.
  • Select “Email” as your preferred method of communication, and Kik Support will get in touch with you to finish the process.

Step Three: Through Email

If, for some reason, you are unable to delete your Kik account through the Kik app or the Kik help page, you can still do it by sending an email to Kik’s customer service. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, you need to delete your Kik account by sending an email asking for its removal.
  • Use the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY KIK ACCOUNT” to have your account deleted.
  • State your Kik username and the main reason you’re deleting your account.
  • Send an email to “[email protected].”
  • You’ll get an email notifying you that your account has been permanently deleted.

How to Delete Kik Account Without Email

Don’t worry if you can’t remember or access your email address. You can get in touch with Kik support if you know your username, and they’ll help you out. You cannot delete your Kik account, though, if you don’t know your account’s email address or username. So, contact their customer service to delete your Kik without email.

Why Should You Delete your Kik account?

There are a lot of reasons to delete your Kik account, including:

#1. Online exploitation and safety concerns

The exploitation of children is a serious issue on any app that provides users with a high degree of anonymity. Not only Kik, but a lot of other social media apps are the same way. It is extremely challenging for researchers to access reliable data to investigate these incidents. However, the corporation has implemented new, more stringent steps to counter these dangers.

#2. A deficit in parental supervision

Teens don’t need permission from their parents to use Kik. Although children should have parental consent before using the program, they can easily lie about their age and use it anyway.

#3. Poor privacy

However, because Kik lacks end-to-end encryption, the service providers can read your conversations or even hand them over to a third party if they so choose. Your IP address and geographic location are also visible to the company. The inability to encrypt communications leaves them more vulnerable to interception by cybercriminals.

#4. Users cannot verify their identities.

It is difficult to confirm the identity of a Kik user because registration does not require a working email address or phone number. This can lead to deception, exploitation, and cyberbullying because users won’t feel responsible for each other.

#5. Lack of transparency.

Since Kik’s source code is not publicly available, the company lacks true transparency. Its design lacks documentation, and it was never subjected to outside audits.

How Long Does it Take For a Kik Account to be Deleted?

If you delete your Kik account, it will no longer be accessible to you or other users. To continue using the service, you will need to create a new profile, as your old one is no longer recoverable.

How to Backup a Kik Account

Your Kik chat history cannot be saved. You have an account from the moment you create it until the minute you delete it, and once it’s deleted, there’s no way to get it back. Deactivating your account will allow you to take a break from Kik without losing access to it permanently.

What Happens if You Delete Your Kik Account?

A deleted Kik account can never be recovered. When you delete an account, it disappears immediately. Deactivating your Kik account will prevent you from losing your data, as was previously mentioned. However, once deleted, your account is permanently lost.

Does Kik Delete Inactive Accounts?

Your Kik account will remain intact even if you haven’t logged in for a while. You are free to return at any time. If you log out of your account, it will remain inactive until you log back in. No matter how infrequently you log in, you will always have access to your account.

Is It Safe to Use Kik?

Kik is a secure messaging app since it provides a more discrete means of contact. Unlike services like WhatsApp and Signal, Kik just needs an email address for authentication. Kik also does not demand proof of identity like a name or date of birth. Over fifty million of the platform’s users can now communicate without revealing their identities. 

Kik’s Meet New Others function is promoted as a place to find and chat with others who share your interests. The Explore Public Groups tab provides access to public conversations where you and other users can discuss topics of mutual interest. The use of hashtags to categorize and find online content is also commonplace.

Kik’s anonymity and interests filter made it a viable alternative to Tinder. Users feel more comfortable making connections on Kik since they don’t have to go through a vetted bio first.

The lack of an age verification method on Kik complicates matters a little, but chatting with strangers is acceptable. You must be at least 13 years old to use Kik, as per the terms of service. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you will need your parent’s permission to sign up. It looks nice on paper, but there is no way to ensure that parents have given their approval.

The Safety of Kik For Children

It is estimated that 32% of children under the age of 18 in the United Kingdom have accounts designed for adults and that 1 in 3 children online lie about their age. Kik, which is not as widespread as Facebook or Instagram, tends to fly under the parental radar. Perhaps this is why so many predators are drawn to Kik and why it has become so popular among children and teenagers.

It has 15 million monthly active users, 70% of whom are between the ages of 13 and 24. Hundreds of cases of grooming and child exploitation have been linked to Kik in Australia and the US, and this comes as no surprise. Worse yet, Kik has not removed the profiles of the people who have been accused or convicted of child abuse.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your kids safe and hopefully off Kik’s potentially harmful grounds.

How Long Does It Take to Delete a Kik Account?

Sending a delete request to Kik won’t take more than two minutes. Once you’ve done that, it’ll take anywhere from one to two days for your account to be marked as permanently terminated. When that’s done, you may switch to something like Signal or Telegram, which is both secure and private.

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Does Deleting Kik Also Delete Your Messages?

Even if you uninstall the app from your phone, you will continue to receive messages. Your past interactions with others are searchable. Kik cannot read or delete the messages you store locally on your device. You will also lose access to these messages if you delete your Kik account.

However, it may take some time for the systems to record your account as deleted, so your friends may continue to see your messages for up to 48 hours after you remove them from your end.

Having Trouble Resetting Your Kik Password?

You don’t need access to your email or phone number to reset your forgotten Kik password. To reset your password, launch the Kik app and click the “Forgot your password?” button. You can reset your password by entering your username or mobile phone number.

How Do I Delete My Old Kik Account?

Open the Kik app and log in to delete your old account. Select the settings icon in the upper left. Access the preferences menu. So, simply delete the account. There is no way to recover deleted accounts.

Why Can’t I Delete My Kik Account?

If you wish to keep your data after deleting your Kik account, you can’t erase your account. Users, in their view, should always be able to get their account details when they need them. Instead of continuing to use Kik after you’ve decided to stop, you can erase your account.

Do Dormant Kik Accounts Get Deleted?

Accounts are not deleted when they are deactivated; rather, they just stop functioning. The period of inactivity could extend to two weeks.

How Can I Change My Email on Kik?

Select “Email” from the app’s settings menu (which can be accessed by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner). Enter your new email address and hit the enter key.

Does Deleting a Chat on Kik Delete it for the Other Person?

Deleted Kik conversations are permanently gone for both parties.

Final Thoughts

You can not delete your account on Kik using the iOS or Android apps. To request the deletion of your account, please visit the service’s website from your web browser. The deletion might be either temporary or permanent. We do hope this guide was helpful. Let’s hear from you in the comment section below!


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