Best Family Cell Phone Plans
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Family cell phone plans are specifically designed to provide cost savings and enhanced convenience for multiple lines within a single account. The best family cell phone plans are typically tailored to accommodate two or more family members and they incorporate unlimited data, shared data, minutes, and messaging allowances across all lines, resulting in greater cost-effectiveness compared to individual plans. In the vast array of options available in the market, locating the optimal family cell phone plan that precisely meets your requirements can be a challenging endeavor. This guide provides an overview of the top unlimited family cell phone plans, allowing you to make an informed decision about staying connected with your family and enjoying the advantages of advanced mobile services.

Best Family Cell Phone Plans In 2023

The following are some of the best family cell phone plans;

#1. Verizon Wireless Family Plans 

Verizon provides family plans that enable the sharing of a data pool across multiple devices. The company provides a range of data plans, including unlimited data plans, shared data plans, and mix-and-match options to cater to the specific requirements of your family. Verizon’s family cell plan includes

Verizon Unlimited Plans

Unlimited plans refer to service packages that offer unrestricted usage of a particular resource or feature. Verizon provides a selection of unlimited data plans tailored for families. The plans offered encompassed unrestricted talk, text, and data for every line associated with the account. The data speeds may be subject to reduction after surpassing a predetermined threshold of high-speed data usage during periods of network congestion, depending on the particular plan. Certain unlimited plans offer additional features such as high-definition streaming, mobile hotspot data, and the ability to make international calls or send text messages.

Shared Data Plans

Shared data plans are a type of mobile phone plan that allows multiple devices to share a single pool of data. This means that all devices connected to the plan can access and use data

Verizon’s shared data plans offer families the option to choose a shared data allowance that can be utilized by all lines associated with the account. Each line is allocated a specific data allowance, and any unused data may be carried forward to the subsequent month. However, it must be contingent upon the chosen plan. This particular option was deemed appropriate for families that have diverse data requirements among their members.

Mix and Match Plans

The Mix and Match Plans offer users the flexibility to customize their options according to their preferences.

Verizon’s Mix and Match plans offer families the ability to select individual plans for each line within their account. This also provides them with greater flexibility. In the scenario where a family member requires unlimited data for extensive usage, they can opt for an unlimited plan. Conversely, other family members with lower data consumption can choose a shared data plan. This feature enables families to customize their plans according to specific requirements.

#2. AT&T Family Plans

AT&T offers a range of family plans designed to accommodate various needs and preferences. These plans are tailored to provide options for both data usage and affordability for families with multiple lines. AT&T provides a variety of family plans with options for unlimited data or shared data. They also offer features like rollover data and international perks. 

#3. Google Fi Family Phone Plan

Google Fi offers family phone plans, allowing multiple lines to be grouped under one account. It’s unique in that it operates on a combination of different cellular networks. This includes T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots, to provide coverage. With Google Fi, you pay for the data you use. Each family member on the plan has their data usage individually tracked, and you are billed accordingly. If one member uses more data than others, they will be charged for their data usage separately.

This can be cost-effective for families with varying data needs among members. It offers Bill Protection, which ensures that you won’t pay more than a certain amount for data usage. Once you reach a certain data usage, threshold data usage beyond that point is free for the rest of the billing cycle. Other unique features include unlimited calls and texts,  International Coverage, Data-Only SIMs, and device protection plans.

#4. Metro by T-Mobile Family Plans

Metro by T-Mobile offered family plans designed to cater to the needs of multiple lines on a single account. It’s a prepaid wireless service provider that operates on T-Mobile’s network. Family plans include options for unlimited talk, text, and data. Some plans may have data prioritization after reaching a specific data threshold. The primary features include shared data, multi-line discounts, unlimited plans, and so on. 

Best Family Cell Phone Plans With Unlimited Data

The following are some of the best family cell phone plans with unlimited data:

#1. Google Fi Simply Unlimited

The Google Fi Simply Unlimited plan is designed to cater to Android phones, although it is also compatible with iPhones. It offers users unlimited data, calls, and texts for a fixed monthly fee. With this plan, users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity without worrying about exceeding data limits or incurring additional charges. The service provides unlimited data within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, it’s one of the best family cell phone plans of 2023. However, users may experience reduced speeds once they exceed a data usage threshold of 35 GB. The cost of Simply Unlimited for a family of two is $40 per person per month. The plan is priced at $20 per person per month for families consisting of four or more individuals. 

The Google Fi Simply Unlimited plan offers several benefits. These include a monthly allocation of 35 GB of high-speed data, with the option to purchase additional high-speed data if needed. The plan also includes a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for added security and privacy. Additionally, parent controls are included as a standard feature of this plan. However, it is important to note that iPhones may have limited functionality and lack certain features. Lastly, international travel may result in the unavailability of data services.

#2. T-Mobile Magenta

If you are on the lookout for a cheaper family phone plan, then you should consider the T-Mobile Magenta plan. The pricing structure for the service plan is as follows: instead of a single line costing $70 per month and offering unlimited data, 100 GB of high-speed data, and 5 GB of mobile hotspot, the cost per person decreases as the number of lines increases. Specifically, with two lines, each person would pay $60 per month. With three lines, each person would pay $40 per month. And with four lines, each person would pay $35 per month. Similar to other T-Mobile plans, the Magenta plan leverages the carrier’s robust 5G coverage. It encompasses the enhanced variant deployed across numerous urban areas. Families heavily reliant on mobile hotspot sharing may find it necessary to upgrade their plan to Magenta Max, which offers a generous 40 GB mobile hotspot quota.

#3. Verizon Play More Unlimited

The Play More Unlimited plan from Verizon is priced at $90 for a single line, positioning it as a mid-tier option among Verizon’s range of unlimited-data plans. This is likely the most suitable choice for users seeking a balanced and moderate level of service from the carrier. Similar to the Do More plan, this plan offers a generous allocation of 25 GB for high-speed mobile hotspot usage. However, once this limit is reached, the speed of your mobile hotspot connection will be reduced to either 3 Mbps or 600 kbps, depending on whether you are connected to 5G or 4G. Additionally, you will have access to 50 GB of high-speed data, but if Verizon’s network experiences congestion in your area, your connection may be throttled.

#4. Verizon Do More Unlimited Cell Phone Plan 

Verizon’s Do More Unlimited, starting at $90 for one line, is one of four different unlimited data plans available by this carrier. But Do More (and the identically priced Play More Unlimited) probably represent the best fit for most people on Verizon. The plan offers unlimited mobile 4G and 5G broadband, subject to two limits: a 25 GB cap on mobile hotspot use, beyond which you have to content yourself with unlimited mobile hotspot at 3 megabits per second or 600 kilobits per second speed (depending on if you’re connected to 4G or 5G), and a 50 GB high-speed data allocation, after which your connection may be slowed down during times of network congestion.

This plan includes 600 GB of Verizon cloud storage and a 50% discount on one connected-device plan (for instance, Verizon’s $10 unlimited-data offering for smartwatches would fall to $5). Verizon throws in a set of limited-time streaming-media freebies: six free months of Disney+, Discovery+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass. Do More limits streaming-video resolution to 720p, which is less than what many services can deliver but more than the 480p limit on Verizon’s cheaper Start Unlimited, AT&T’s Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra, and T-Mobile’s Magenta.

If you’re on Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G – which you should not count on happening often, especially outside dense urban areas – and you have a 5G phone compatible with those frequencies, you can enjoy unlimited mobile hotspot use and stream video in UHD 4K resolution.

#5. Verizon 5 GB Shared Cell Phone Plan 

The Verizon 5 GB Shared Cell Phone Plan is a mobile phone service offering provided by Verizon. This plan allows users to share a total of 5 gigabytes (GB) of data among multiple devices. It is designed to accommodate the needs of individuals or groups that require a moderate amount of data for their mobile usage. 

If you are among those who don’t use more than  3 or 4 GB of data a month, this plan can offer substantial savings over the unlimited offerings at Verizon. Verizon offers subscribers of this plan the ability to carry forward any unused data from the previous month’s usage, which can then be applied toward the data quota for the following month. 

In contrast to the most affordable unlimited plans available, the 5 GB plan offers the flexibility to distribute a portion of the data allowance with a laptop or tablet using the mobile-hotspot feature on your phone. Furthermore, it does not impose any restrictions on streaming video, allowing for resolutions beyond the standard DVD-grade 480p. The plan offers access to Verizon’s 4G and “Nationwide 5G” networks, excluding Verizon’s “Ultra Wideband 5G” network, which boasts significantly higher speeds but is less widely available. 

#6. Verizon Start Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

The Start Unlimited plan, provided by Verizon, is the most affordable postpaid option that grants users access to unlimited data. However, it is important to note that this plan does come with two significant limitations. Mobile hotspot use is not included in the plan, and access to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G is also excluded. The Start Unlimited plan does not provide Premium Network Access, which refers to high-speed 5G or 4G data with 720p video streaming. In the event of network congestion on Verizon’s network, your connection may be subject to reduced speeds, regardless of your data usage during the current billing cycle.

The option to include Ultra Wideband 5G in the Start Unlimited plan is available for an additional $10 per month. However, it may be deemed redundant considering that switching to either the Do More or Play More Unlimited plans would also result in the same increase in cost. By opting for Do More or Play More, users can enjoy Verizon’s fastest 5G network, along with 25 GB of mobile hotspot usage and complimentary cloud storage or streaming media services.

#7. Xfinity Mobile 4-line Unlimited Intro plan 

The Xfinity Mobile 4-line Unlimited Intro plan is a mobile phone plan offered by Xfinity. This plan provides unlimited data, talk, and text for up to four lines. 

Xfinity Mobile has positioned itself as a compelling choice for families, offering a reduced price on its unlimited data plan when multiple lines are added. The Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Intro Plan is priced at $120 per month. This plan is specifically designed for Comcast customers and is considered to be a favorable option.

The Unlimited Intro plan incurs a monthly charge of $30 per line. Therefore, a plan consisting of two lines will cost $60 per month, while a family plan accommodating four lines will result in a total cost of $120. Xfinity offers additional tiers, namely Plus and Premium, for its unlimited plan to cater to users who require more hotspot data or prefer high-resolution video streaming. Xfinity leverages Verizon’s network infrastructure, which encompasses the carrier’s rapidly expanding 5G network. As a result, users can anticipate high-speed coverage.

It offers discounted rates for multiple lines and utilizes Verizon’s network. However, the service is exclusively accessible to Xfinity Internet customers.

How Much Is the Average Cell Phone Bill for a Family of 4?

The monthly cost ranges from $120 to $220.

The cost of a wireless plan for a family of four typically ranges from $120 to $220 per month when considering the major carriers. Currently, it appears that the most popular plans are priced at $120 per month for four lines.

Are Family Cell Phone Plans Worth It?

Family cell phone plans are commonly regarded as a financially advantageous choice for families or groups seeking to reduce expenses on their mobile phone bills. The value of a family cell phone plan is contingent upon the distinct requirements and usage patterns of the individuals within the family. 

Features of Family Plans

The following are the key features to consider when looking for the best family cell phone plans:

  • Shared Data: A family plan typically offers a pool of data that can be shared among all lines. Some carriers may allow you to allocate different data amounts to each line based on their usage needs.
  • Unlimited Plans: Many carriers offer unlimited data plans for families, which means all lines get unlimited data to use. Be aware that some unlimited plans may have speed and data usage restrictions after a certain threshold.
  • Talk and Text: Family plans usually include unlimited talk and text for all lines, but it’s good to double-check to ensure everyone’s communication needs are covered.
  • Number of Lines: Check how many lines you can add to the family plan. Some plans might support up to four lines, while others can accommodate more.
  • Multi-Line Discounts: Look for carriers that offer discounts or reduced rates per line as you add more lines to the plan. These discounts can significantly reduce your overall bill.
  • Hotspot and Extras: Some plans may include mobile hotspot usage and other additional features like international calling or entertainment perks. Consider your family’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Coverage and Performance: Ensure that the carrier has good coverage in your area and offers reliable performance for calls and data.
  • Contract and Fees: Check for any contract commitments and potential extra fees, such as activation fees or device installment costs.

What Cell Phone Company Has 4 Lines for $100?

T-Mobile. T-Mobile is taking the gloves off with its new 4-line $100 unlimited plan.

How Much Is Verizon Per Month for One Person?

The Verizon Unlimited plan for an individual user is $80.

How Much Does the Verizon Family Plan Cost?

The cost of Verizon unlimited family plans ranges from $120 to $250 per month in total. 

Is It Cheaper to Stay on My Parents’ Phone Plan?

Well, it’s up to you. But you must know that the average price for a cell phone plan is $70 per month. The average monthly cost for a period of four lines is $140. Opting for an individual plan entails a monthly expenditure of $70, whereas choosing a family plan allows for a reduced cost of $35 per month. This results in a monthly savings of $35, which amounts to a total annual savings of $420.

Is T-Mobile Cheaper Than Verizon?

Verizon provides the highest value proposition, while T-Mobile offers a more cost-effective option. T-Mobile offers a talk and text plan for $20 per month, which is suitable for individuals seeking a plan without data or additional features. Verizon offers a range of prepaid options for customers seeking limited data plans, ranging from 500 MB to 5 GB of data. These plans start at a monthly rate of $35.

Are Verizon Family Plans Cheaper Than Individual Plans?

Sure, Verizon’s unlimited plan for individuals is $80, whereas the family plan for three users’ is $165. The family plan’s initial price may come as a surprise due to its higher overall cost compared to an individual plan. Upon closer examination of the cost per line, it becomes evident that it is more economical. As additional lines are added, there is typically a reduction in the cost per line, resulting in cost savings for all individuals enrolled in the plan.


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