Walmart Plus Membership: What Is It & All to Know

Walmart Plus Membership
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Regular Walmart customers can take advantage of the Walmart Plus membership program. The program competes with paid memberships offered by retailers like Amazon and My Best Buy. Subscribers to Walmart Plus can take advantage of a variety of in-store and online services, including free two-day shipping both ways and discounts at certain gas stations. In addition, members can shop for exclusive Christmas sales at Walmart a week early. Walmart announced member benefits on July 27. Using Walmart’s new travel portal (which is powered by Expedia), Walmart Plus membership can immediately start earning 5% Walmart cash on hotels, vacation rentals, auto rentals, and more. In this article, we will discuss Walmart plus membership cost, their discount, benefits for employees, and how to cancel it.

What Is Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart Plus is a premium membership club that provides members with access to exclusive perks such as free two-day shipping, fuel savings, early access to sales, and more. 

However, you can get better deals both online and in stores when you sign up for this subscription. You can also get special deals on select items from Walmart’s extensive inventory. With a Walmart Plus membership, you can shop faster and cheaper.

Also, in September 2020, Walmart introduced a membership program called Walmart Plus. Since its beginning, Walmart has faced stiff competition from Amazon Prime, the preferred service of millions of Americans. This is a nationwide service in the United States. The introduction of Walmart Plus is an exciting development, as it promises to improve Walmart’s already competitive value proposition to customers.

What Is the Registration Process for Walmart Plus Membership?

In order to sign up for Walmart Plus, please follow these instructions.

#1. Check out Walmart Plus

Visit and sign in using the Walmart account you already have, or start the free trial of Walmart Plus for 30 days. Either way, you can get started.

#2. Check Your Eligibility

In order to find out if you are eligible for a Walmart Plus membership, you must provide your full name, phone number, and shipping address, including zip code. After you fill out this form, they will evaluate the Walmart+ services available in your area. If you wish to take advantage of the 30-day trial period and free unlimited delivery is not available where you live, you may want to wait a few months and try again.

If you are serious about signing up, proceed by clicking “Continue.” Also, if you have previously used Walmart, you will be asked to sign in again. This is the point where first-time Walmart marketplace users can sign up for a Walmart Plus membership.

#3. Fill up the Necessary Fields

Enter your first and last name, email address, and password, and then select whether or not to receive Walmart’s promotional communications. 

After signing up, you’ll have access to the free trial for 30 days. You’ll be asked to enter your credit card or debit card details to complete the purchase. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel your trial before it ends, but you will lose access to all Walmart Plus membership features instantly.

#4. Start Shopping

When you’re ready to start shopping, go to the Walmart homepage and either click the “Start shopping” button or check out the “Pickup & Delivery” section. 

There is a $35 minimum on all delivery orders, but you can order as many items as you like. You can tip your driver using the Walmart website or app after selecting a convenient one-hour delivery window. 

If you are a member and place an eligible order, the shipping costs will be subtracted from your total automatically.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost

An annual membership to Walmart Plus can be purchased for a total of $98, which is equivalent to $12.95 per month. (It includes a free 15-day trial period). The membership program is a rebranding of Walmart’s $98-per-year Grocery Unlimited service. It is Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime and is intended to compete with that service. The grocery delivery service was first introduced in 2019, and by September of that year, it had already grown to 1,400 additional retailers. However, Walmart Plus includes not only food but also things in the categories of technology, beauty, and sports. When compared, the annual cost of Amazon Prime is $139, while the monthly cost is $14.99.

Walmart Plus Membership Benefits

Walmart Plus membership comes with a number of features, the scope of which will expand over time. For instance, the company launched its first Walmart Plus Weekend sales event at the beginning of June. The event lasted for four days and comprised exclusive discounts and deals that were only available to Walmart Plus members. Other advantages of joining Walmart Plus membership include the following: 

#1. Exclusive Accessibility

Walmart Plus members receive a variety of privileges, some of which include exclusive access to special pricing, new debuts, and online Black Friday specials. It provides early access to the Black Friday sales at Walmart. Because of this, members are able to shop before the masses and score some amazing offers. Members will get access to the best deals and offers, as well as the newest products before anybody else does if they take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. 

In addition, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of limited-time deals such as premium Spotify, etc.

#2. Limitless Free Delivery

Walmart’s new feature, which is essentially the same as the service formerly known as Delivery Unlimited, actually provides free delivery indefinitely. Everything “from tech and toys to household essentials and groceries” can be delivered to your door for free and on-demand, and you can get it the exact same day or have it ready for pickup within an hour. You’ll need to enter your address to see if you qualify for service, though, as eligibility is not universal.

Walmart now offers free delivery on all online orders, with no minimum necessary, albeit this does not apply to grocery deliveries made the same day from a nearby Walmart store. There is still a $35 order minimum for same-day shipping.

Customers who sign up for a yearly or monthly membership plan have access to unlimited deliveries at no additional cost. 

Express Delivery orders placed within two hours also receive a discount for Walmart Plus membership. Walmart Plus members, who pay a $10 annual subscription, are exempt from paying the service’s usual delivery fee of $5. Also, read How Long Does Target Pickup Take: The Ultimate Guide

#3. Cut Costs and Save Funds

Walmart Plus follows in the footsteps of other membership programs by providing monthly and yearly cost subscriptions. You can pay $12.95 every month or $98 for the whole year. Your individual tastes in retail must determine which option is ideal. The yearly subscription will save you $57 if you frequently shop at Walmart and plan to return multiple times over the next 12 months. In search of Christmas shipping and shopping discounts only? It could be best to do it once a month. (You can save $36 per year if you sign up for Amazon Prime instead of paying monthly.)

#4. Mobile Scan & Go

Mobile Scan & Go is a function of Walmart Plus that enables customers to scan products using their mobile devices while they are shopping in physical stores. Because customers will no longer have to wait in line to be checked out, their overall shopping experience will be streamlined and streamlined. Additionally, they are able to monitor their budgets and shopping lists in real-time, which enables them to better adhere to their financial plans and saves them time.

#5. Discounts on Fuel

A significant benefit of Walmart+ is the potential to save up to 10 cents per gallon when you fill up your tank at any participating Exxon station, Mobil station, Walmart fuel station, or Murphy USA or Murphy Express fuel station. This benefit is primarily beneficial to members who have locations close to them. There are now 12,000 Exxon stations that are qualified for the discount. 

In addition to this, members are eligible for discount membership costs at Sam’s Club gas stations.

#6. Rx for Less

Subscribers to Rx for less are eligible for savings on thousands of different medicines. Some of these medications, including Amlopidine, Celphalexin, Metformin IR, Escitalopram, Lisinipril, and SMZ/TMP, are even offered at no cost in certain jurisdictions. 

There are medicines that are discounted by as much as 85%, but Walmart predicts that customers will save closer to 65% on average. This particular benefit is restricted to paying customers only; individuals who are merely participating in the free trial are not eligible for Rx for less.

Tips for Maximizing Your Walmart Plus Membership Benefits

Amazon Prime includes limitless two-day shipping, limitless video streaming, unlimited photo storage, exclusive access to PC games, and more for $139 per year or $14.99 monthly. Walmart+, which provides identical services for the same price ($98 per year or $12.95 monthly), entered the market in late 2020.

Free local delivery and shipping, early access to exclusive deals and releases, discounted medications, cheaper gas, and contactless checkout are just some of the perks of a Walmart+ membership(Opens in a new window). Here’s all you need to know about Walmart’s membership service if you’ve already signed up or are considering making the switch from Amazon Prime.

#1. Beware of the Free Trial Version

Early access benefits, however, are not available to Walmart Plus members during the 30-day free trial period. However, there is a solution: To avoid the 30-day free trial and immediately begin paying, sign up now.

Scroll down to Early Access and then click the Start Paid Membership option on the signup page. You’ll be redirected to Walmart’s secure checkout where you can start your membership payment right away. (The small print on that page should read “By signing up, you agree that we will charge the fee above to your selected payment card” rather than “By signing up, you agree that after the 30-day trial, we will charge the fee above to your selected payment card.” When you sign up for a free trial for 30 days, the latter will be displayed.

#2. Create a Home Store

Walmart offers grocery and other item delivery to customers within the retailer’s delivery zone. A delivery fee of $8 to $10 is charged to customers who are not Walmart Plus members. If you spend over $35, Walmart Plus will deliver your items for free.

Products are handpicked from local Walmarts. Account > Update store > Your selected Walmart shop is where you should go to set up your home store. Enter your zip code and select the nearest business from the drop-down menu. Then, select Delivery from the Pickup & Shipping menu when you wish to narrow your search to items available for local delivery. Put the things you want to have delivered in your shopping basket, and then select Reserve a Time.

#3. Discover Your Meds

Walmart Plus could help you save money on your pharmacy bills if you’re spending a fortune on prescription drugs. Members can get their prescriptions filled for free, and they can save up to 85% on additional medications when they buy them from Walmart. You will receive a virtual discount card usable in the Walmart pharmacy that can be accessed using the Walmart mobile app.

This is not an alternative to insurance, and it probably won’t be combined with anything else, either. The fine print on the website states that residents of Arizona, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, Vermont, and Puerto Rico are not eligible for discounts. In California, you won’t find any drugs for free, but you may get them for as little as $2.

To discover a Walmart Pharmacy near you, access the Walmart+ RX website (Opens in a new window), type in the name of the medication you’re looking for, and then enter your city or ZIP code. You’ll also be able to compare the cost of the drug at several pharmacies. You can narrow your search results by selecting a different pill type, dosage, or number of tablets. The generic version of Lipitor, commonly used to treat high cholesterol, is shown to be $15 in the image above. Also, the price of Crestor is $9.

#4. Look Around for Cheaper Gas

A discount on gas purchases at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, and Murphy stations, where you can save up to $0.10 per gallon, is included in the Walmart Plus membership package as one of the additional benefits. Use the interactive map that Walmart provides to locate a store that is taking part in the promotion. At Walmart and Sam’s Club locations, you must scan a QR code at the pump in order to receive a discount on your gas purchase. At Murphy stations, on the other hand, you must enter a code in order to receive the discount. Step-by-step instructions for obtaining the discount are available on Walmart’s fuel website.

What’s the Difference Between Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s annual subscription is rising almost every year, and the service is too dependent on the Amazon app and website to feel really independent. In-store discounts and benefits, including mobile scan and pay checkout and early access to in-store bargains on days like Black Friday and beyond, are available to Walmart Plus membership subscribers. Walmart’s vast popularity and abundance of locations make in-store discounts through Walmart Plus seem far more accessible than those offered by Amazon, despite Amazon’s partnerships with grocery retailers like Whole Foods and the operation of physical stores like Amazon Go in limited regions.

When a Walmart Plus membership subscriber places an order for fresh groceries, an associate from the member’s nearby Walmart store personally shops the order, selecting either the exact products specified in the member’s order or an item of similar quality and price in the event that an item is out of stock. The member’s order of groceries is delivered to their home within hours, where it can be stored and utilized throughout the week.

Walmart Plus collaborates with providers like Paramount Plus and Pluto TV to offer video streaming to users, whereas Amazon Prime offers services like Prime Video. But the fuel discount has been one of the most helpful Walmart Plus membership benefits for my household. The convenience of having so many nearby gas stations offering the 10 cents-per-gallon discount means I can always find an affordable option when I need to refuel.

Walmart Plus Membership Discount 

As part of its summer sale, Walmart is now offering a steep discount on its yearly membership. For people who are eligible for government assistance, Walmart now offers a discount membership to Walmart Plus called Walmart+ Assist at a 50% discount to new and existing subscribers.

This implies that Walmart Plus subscriptions for qualified customers can be had for a yearly fee of just $49, or as little as $6.47 each month.

All eligible Walmart Plus members, both new and old, have access to the discount. According to Walmart, existing members who are eligible for the price decrease will receive a prorated refund, and the discounted price will go into effect immediately.

You can terminate your Walmart Plus membership at any time through your Walmart+ account page or by contacting customer support for a full refund of any unused portion of your $12.95 monthly or $98 annual fee.

Walmart Plus Membership for Employees

Walmart first claimed that they would provide Walmart Plus membership at no cost to all employees in March 2022.

They also announced a campaign in which all Walmart+ members would receive six months of free Spotify Premium access as part of their agreement with the music streaming service. Simply by being employed with Walmart, you are eligible for a complimentary Walmart Plus membership. You’ll need to join up for this promotion, as membership isn’t given out automatically.

In order to register, you must use a computer set aside for Walmart employees. 

How to Activate Walmart Plus Membership for Employees

The procedure for enrolling in the Walmart Plus membership program as an employee or associate is very different. However, in order to activate Walmart Plus as an employee or associate, you must first complete the following qualifying criteria:

  • You will need to be physically present at the office and utilize a company computer to begin the activation procedure. As a result, the only time you’ll be able to activate Walmart Plus will be at work, while using a company computer.
  • If you’ve been working for Walmart for less than 90 days straight, you won’t be allowed to sign up for Walmart Plus. If you don’t, you won’t be able to sign up for Walmart Plus.
  • If you’re already a Walmart Plus member and want the free membership, you’ll need to cancel your current subscription first.

Now that you know if you qualify for Walmart Plus, we’ll go over the steps for signing up.

  • Visit the Walmart Plus enrollment website from the office computer and follow the instructions there to complete your membership.
  • Just type “W+” into the search bar if you have trouble locating the link.
  • There are a few short training films you must watch now, totaling around 10 minutes.
  • When you’re done with the videos, select “Accept & Submit.”
  • Put in your email address here. Please enter your desired Walmart Plus account email address.
  • Don’t panic if you see a tax deduction for Walmart Plus on your paycheck. Walmart will deduct the cost of this reimbursement from your next paycheck.
  • Congratulations! Congratulations, your Walmart Plus account has been activated.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership

Walmart Plus is a membership program that offers subscribers discounts on a wide variety of Walmart services, including but not limited to shipping, pickup, pharmacy, and gas. If you frequently buy at Walmart or would like a small discount on petrol now that prices have skyrocketed, the $12.98 annual fee may be worth it.

If you find yourself spending more money elsewhere, though, it may be time to terminate your subscription and save the difference.

You can terminate your Walmart Plus membership manually or have DoNotPay handle it for you. The procedure can be time-consuming and difficult if you’re going at it alone. However, with DoNotPay, that will never be the case.

If you’d like, we can also terminate your membership with Planet Fitness, Sirius XM, CVS CarePass, Massage Envy, etc., and send you a confirmation email when we’re done.

Does Walmart Plus Membership Worth It?

It may be worthwhile to join Walmart Plus if you have access to both a Walmart and a partnering gas station in your area, especially if your local Walmart has a grocery section. The subscription service could be cost-effective because there are no delivery or shipping charges.

In the meantime, Walmart Plus is a great opportunity to obtain Paramount+ and Spotify Premium for free. Also, unlike Amazon Prime, it may be used at both and any of the more than 3,500 Walmart Supercenters in the United States. Amazon, on the other hand, only operates a few physical retail locations.

Walmart Plus provides a free 30-day trial for those who are on the fence about signing up. If after 30 days you’re still not interested, you can cancel without penalty. There will be no harm. There has been no foul.

Bottom Line

With a Walmart Plus membership, customers may save both time and money. It’s the best option for someone who values low pricing and a wide variety of perks, such as how easy it is to purchase there. Benefiting from Walmart Plus’s free shipping and gas savings is a great way to maximize your shopping experience. 

Whether you’re a longtime Walmart customer or curious about the store for the first time, Walmart Plus will always be the greatest option for saving money.

Walmart Plus Membership FAQs

Are Things Cheaper With Walmart Plus?

Yes. Members of Walmart Plus receive special member pricing on all of the store’s tens of thousands of products. In most cases, these costs are cheaper than those available to non-members, making membership even more worthwhile.

What Gas Stations Can I Use My Walmart Plus Card At?

Members of Walmart Plus can get a discount at the pump by scanning a QR code displayed on the screen at any of the 14,000 Walmart, Murphy, Exxon, or Mobil stations that are part of the membership program.

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