Top 15 Best Photoshop Filters & Plugins For 2024

Photoshop Filters
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Photoshop is the go-to software for both professionals and enthusiasts when it comes to digital picture editing. The availability of Photoshop filters is one of its most powerful features. These adaptable tools enable you to modify your photographs, improve their visual appeal, and open up a world of creative possibilities. In this in-depth guide, we’ll delve into the world of Photoshop filters, including the best plugins, their applicability in various scenarios such as Portraits, black and white, and how they can take your photography and design projects to new heights.

Photoshop Filters Plugins

Although Photoshop has a large number of built-in filters, exploring third-party plugins is essential for truly unlocking the full potential of your editing skills. Photoshop filter plugins provide a wide range of specialized effects, styles, and upgrades, allowing you more flexibility and creative control over your photos.

Consider factors such as compatibility with your Photoshop version, the plugin’s reputation, user reviews, and the specific capabilities and effects it provides when selecting Photoshop filter plugins. Nik Collection, Topaz Labs, Alien Skin Exposure, and ON1 Effects are other prominent plugins. These plugins frequently have a variety of presets, making it simple to produce spectacular results with only a few clicks.

Experimenting with various plugins allows you to discover which ones best suit your style and the specific needs of your projects. The proper plugin can make all the difference when it comes to realistic photo upgrades, artistic changes, or retro aesthetics.

Best Photoshop Filters

Certain plugins stand out from the crowd in the huge field of Photoshop filters, giving outstanding skills and creative possibilities. You can take your editing game to new heights and uncover the actual potential of your photographs by applying these top-tier filters. In this part, we’ll look at some of the best Photoshop filters to help you improve your editing efficiency.

#1. Camera Raw Filter:

The Camera Raw Filter, which is a built-in filter in Photoshop, is a powerhouse for making advanced adjustments to your images. It gives you exact control over exposure, white balance, tone, and color, among other things. The Camera Raw Filter provides unrivaled versatility and control, whether you want to enhance the details in a landscape or fine-tune the skin tones in a portrait.

#2. Topaz Adjust:

Topaz Adjust, known for its versatility, provides a wide selection of presets and adjustable options to improve the details and overall appearance of your photos. You can use this filter to add dynamic contrast, boost clarity, modify color, and create spectacular HDR effects.

#3. Alien Skin Exposure:

Alien Skin Exposure is a must-have Photoshop effect if you enjoy the timeless beauty of film photography. It has a large library of film emulations that allow you to mimic the appearance and feel of various film stocks. Alien Skin Exposure adds the nostalgic appeal of analog photography to your digital photographs, from the classic black and white tones of Tri-X to the vivid hues of Velvia.

#4. Nik Collection:

Widely regarded as one of the most powerful creative toolsets available, the Nik Collection offers a suite of exceptional Photoshop filters. Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, and Analog Efex Pro are three of its outstanding plugins. Color Efex Pro comes with a slew of filters for color enhancement, creative effects, and tonal tweaks.

#5. ON1 Effects:

ON1 Effects, another outstanding collection of filters, offers a wide range of effects and styles to help you modify your images. From subtle enhancements to dramatic artistic transformations, this plugin has it all. You can use ON1 Effects to apply amazing presets, add dynamic filters, adjust colors and tones, and create one-of-a-kind styles.

By applying these top Photoshop filters to your editing workflow, you can unlock endless creative possibilities and achieve professional-grade results.

Photoshop Filters for Portraits

When it comes to portrait editing, Photoshop filters can be extremely useful tools for improving and refining your models’ appearance. These filters include a variety of features and effects that are specifically meant to improve skin tones, improve facial details, and produce a polished, professional look. In this section, we’ll look at some of the best Photoshop filters for portrait editing that will take your work to the next level.

#1. Portraiture:

Portraiture is a popular Photoshop filter among portrait photographers and retouchers because of its remarkable skin retouching skills. It detects and smooths skin flaws automatically while keeping vital characteristics such as facial features and hair. Portraiture’s straightforward controls and configurable settings make it simple to generate natural-looking skin enhancements.

#2. Imagenomic Noiseware:

Noise is a common issue in portrait photography, particularly in low-light or high-ISO circumstances. Imagenomic Noiseware is a fantastic Photoshop filter for minimizing noise while keeping image sharpness and detail intact. It includes extensive noise reduction algorithms and control over several frequency ranges, allowing you to apply noise reduction to particular portions of the image.

#3. Alien Skin Exposure X6:

While Alien Skin Exposure X6 is well renowned for its film emulation capabilities, it also has excellent portrait editing options. It has a portrait tab with functions such as skin softening, eye enhancement, and teeth whitening. Furthermore, Exposure X6’s powerful color grading features can assist you in achieving the right skin tones and overall color balance in your photos.

#4. PortraitPro:

PortraitPro is a complete Photoshop filter designed exclusively for portrait retouching that combines advanced skin retouching with facial feature augmentation. It detects facial traits automatically using AI-powered algorithms and offers specific tools for improving skin texture, decreasing blemishes, enhancing eyes and lips, and even changing facial contours.

#5. DxO Nik Collection:

Several plugins in the Nik Collection can be useful for portrait editing. The Color Efex Pro filter provides a variety of color upgrades and creative effects, such as enhancing skin tones, adjusting contrast, and adding subtle vignettes. The Silver Efex Pro filter specializes in black-and-white conversions, with sophisticated options for making tonal tweaks and creating attractive monochrome photographs.

You can improve skin tones, eliminate noise, refine facial features, and add artistic touches to your pictures by using these best Photoshop filters in your portrait editing process.

Black and White Photoshop Filters

The timeless and compelling beauty of black and white photography may inspire emotions and showcase the essence of a subject. Using the proper filters when converting your photographs to black and white in Photoshop can drastically improve the final result. In this section, we will explore some of the best Photoshop filters specifically designed for creating stunning black-and-white images.

#1. Silver Efex Pro:

Silver Efex Pro is a strong plugin in the Nik Collection that is widely regarded as the gold standard for black-and-white conversions. It includes a full collection of tools and presets for converting color photographs into enthralling monochrome masterpieces. Silver Efex Pro provides an unrivaled level of customization and flexibility for black-and-white photography, with fine control over tonal changes, grain, and contrast.

#2. Alien Skin Exposure X6:

While Alien Skin Exposure X6 is best renowned for its film emulation, it also has excellent black-and-white editing features. Its separate black-and-white panel gives you complete control over tonal adjustments like highlights, shadows, and midtones.

#3. Photoshop Camera Raw Filter:

Photoshop’s Camera Raw Filter has several strong tools for black-and-white editing. It enables you to make fine adjustments to exposure, contrast, clarity, and individual color channels, which can have a significant impact on the tone range and overall impact of your black-and-white images.

#4. Topaz B&W Effects:

Topaz B&W Effects is a specific plugin for black-and-white photography. It includes a plethora of preset settings, each attempting to mimic the look of various black-and-white film genres and styles. The filter also has fine-tuning parameters for tone adjustments, grain, and localized changes, allowing you to achieve the ideal mood and ambiance in your monochrome images.

#5. DxO FilmPack:

While DxO FilmPack is best known for its film emulation, it also includes excellent tools for black-and-white photography. The plugin offers several black-and-white film simulations that allow you to mimic the specific properties of well-known film stocks. DxO FilmPack gives you exact control over grain, contrast, and tonal adjustments, allowing you to produce amazing black-and-white images with a hint of analog nostalgia.

By incorporating these top Photoshop filters into your black-and-white editing workflow, you can elevate your monochrome images to new heights.

Vintage Photoshop Filters

Vintage aesthetics have an appealing allure that can give nostalgia and character to your photographs. You can easily transfer your images back in time and reproduce the look and feel of other eras using Vintage Photoshop filters. In this part, we’ll look at some of the best vintage Photoshop filters for infusing your images with enticing retro vibes.

#1. Alien Skin Exposure X6:

Alien Skin Exposure X6 is a versatile plugin that emulates a variety of vintage film effects. It enables you to mimic the looks of numerous analog film stocks, ranging from traditional black-and-white films to lively color films. To create the required vintage look, use Exposure X6 to add authentic film grain, change the intensity of film effects, and fine-tune the overall color balance.

#2. DxO FilmPack:

DxO FilmPack is well-known for producing precise and faithful film simulations. It has a large range of vintage film presets that allow you to replicate the particular qualities of iconic film stocks. DxO FilmPack enables fine controls over grain, contrast, and color adjustments to achieve true vintage effects, from the timeless look of Kodak Tri-X to the warm tones of Fuji Velvia.

#3. VSCO Film Presets:

Photographers love VSCO Film Presets for their accurate and high-quality film emulations. These presets faithfully reproduce the appearance of well-known film stocks, including color and black-and-white alternatives. VSCO Film Presets provide a wide range of vintage looks, from classic film’s faded and muted tones to slide film’s vivid and vibrant aesthetics.

#4. Nik Collection:

Several plugins in the Nik Collection can be used to create vintage effects. Analog Efex Pro is especially effective for re-creating the appearance of old cameras, lenses, and processing techniques. It includes several presets and adjustment options for adding vignettes, light leaks, dust and scratches, and other old features to your images, giving them a genuine retro feel.

#5. Photoshop Actions:

While not strictly filters, Photoshop actions are a great way to achieve vintage looks. A broad number of free and premium vintage-inspired actions are available on many websites and online communities, which automate the process of applying multiple filters and tweaks to your images. These operations can save you time and produce consistent results, allowing you to experiment with various vintage appearances with ease.

Vintage Photoshop filters transport you back in time, allowing you to inject nostalgic and intriguing aesthetics into your images. Experiment with various styles and situations to take your audience to another time and produce images that have timeless appeal.

What are filters in Photoshop?

Filters are tools or effects in Photoshop that can be applied to images to alter their appearance or manipulate specific components of the image. Filters can be used to improve or change colors, textures, sharpness, distortions, and other aspects.

Can you download filters for Photoshop?

Yes, you can download additional filters for Photoshop. There are numerous third-party filters and plugins available that can extend Photoshop’s capabilities and provide access to additional effects and editing tools.

Where to get Photoshop filters?

There are several sources where you can find and download Photoshop filters:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Marketplace
  • Plugin Manufacturer Websites
  • Online Communities and Forums
  • Creative Market and Envato Elements
  • Free Filter Websites

How do I add more masks in Photoshop?

Adding a mask to an image layer is simple. Just follow these steps.

  • Select it: Select your layer or group in the Layers panel.
  • Reveal it: For a revealing mask, click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel.
  • Conceal it: For a concealing mask, Alt-click (PC) or Option-click (Mac) the Add Layer Mask button.
  • Adjust it: In the Channels panel, double-click your mask to adjust its edges and opacity. Or right-click the layer mask thumbnail. To completely invert your mask, press Command I on Mac (or Control I on Windows).

Can I add filters to Photoshop Elements?

Yes, you can add filters to Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements supports the use of filters and offers a range of built-in filters that you can access through the Filter menu.

Does Photoshop have preset filters?

Yes, Photoshop features preset filters that allow you to add predefined effects to your images quickly and easily. In Photoshop, these preset filters are referred to as “Filter Gallery” and may be accessed via the Filter menu.

How to get filters in Photoshop?

Select Filter > Filter Gallery from the menu bar. Try with the various filters and fine-tune their settings to achieve the desired result. order. Close the Filter Gallery and apply the filters you selected by clicking OK.


Photoshop filters are powerful tools that can enhance and transform your images in various ways. Whether you’re working on portraits, black and white conversions, or aiming for vintage effects, there are filters available to help you achieve your desired results. By incorporating these filters into your Photoshop workflow, you can elevate your images and unleash your creative vision. Experiment with different filters, customize the settings and let your creativity shine.


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