COMMERCIAL CLEANING COMPANIES: Top Commercial Cleaning Companies In The U.S.

Commercial Cleaning Companies
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Commercial cleaning companies play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various establishments, from offices and schools to hospitals and warehouses. These companies specialize in providing professional cleaning services that not only enhance the appearance of the premises but also ensure a healthy and safe environment for employees, customers, and visitors. In the United States, several top commercial cleaning companies are remarkable for their outstanding services and commitment to quality. So, whether you live in Chicago, New York City, or Florida, this article highlights some of the top commercial cleaning companies in the U.S., exploring their expertise in delivering quality cleaning services to businesses and organizations nationwide. 

Top Commercial Cleaning Companies in the U.S.

The U.S. has a vast market for commercial cleaning services, with several companies in Chicago, New York City, and Florida leading the industry. In other words, several companies in the United States excel in providing top-notch cleaning services. These companies have strong reputations for their professionalism, reliability, and expertise. However, below are different top commercial cleaning companies in Chicago, New York City, and Florida.

#1. ABM Industries Inc

With over 100 years of experience, ABM Industries Inc. stands as a leading provider of facility solutions. They offer services, including janitorial, HVAC, parking, and energy management. ABM Industries Inc. serves various industries, such as healthcare, education, aviation, and manufacturing.

#2. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems is a national franchise offering commercial cleaning services. They specialize in providing customizable cleaning solutions for businesses across various industries. Additionally, they have a team of highly trained and experienced cleaners who use advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a clean and healthy workplace.

#3. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a prominent company that focuses on providing commercial cleaning services across the country. They offer specialized cleaning services in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and government buildings. Furthermore, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is known for its expertise in janitorial services, carpet cleaning, floor care, and disinfection.

#4. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is one of the largest franchised commercial cleaning companies in the U.S. They have a significant presence nationwide and are known for their quality cleaning services. Overall, Vanguard Cleaning Systems delivers tailored cleaning solutions to businesses of all sizes, including office buildings, schools, and retail establishments.

#5. Jani-King International

Jani-King International is a well-established commercial cleaning company with franchise locations throughout the United States. The company offers comprehensive cleaning services to industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and commercial real estate. Generally, their services cover everything from janitorial tasks to specialized cleaning needs.

#6. Coverall

Coverall is a recognized commercial cleaning franchise company that provides services across the U.S. With a focus on environmentally friendly cleaning practices, Coverall offers customized cleaning solutions for various sectors, such as offices, medical facilities, and fitness centers. They are known for their dedication to green cleaning and have received recognition for their sustainable practices.

#7. CleanNet USA

CleanNet USA is a national commercial cleaning company that offers services to businesses of all sizes. They provide comprehensive cleaning services, including janitorial services, floor care, and sanitation solutions. CleanNet USA emphasizes using advanced cleaning techniques and technologies to ensure a high level of cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

#8. Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago Cleaning Systems is a large commercial cleaning company that operates through a franchising system. They cater to healthcare, retail, and hospitality. In addition, Anago Cleaning Systems emphasizes customized cleaning programs to meet their client’s needs and offers consistent, reliable cleaning services.

These are just a few examples of reputable commercial cleaning companies operating in the United States (New York City, Chicago, and Florida). When selecting a cleaning service for your business, it is essential to consider factors such as experience, reputation, and the specific cleaning requirements of your company. However, always request quotes and compare the services and pricing offered by different companies before making a final decision.

What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning? 

Cleaning and commercial cleaning are two distinct types of services that cater to different environments and purposes. The main difference lies in the scale and scope of the cleaning tasks. Cleaning typically refers to the regular maintenance and tidying up of residential spaces, such as homes or apartments. Also, it involves basic activities like sweeping, mopping, dusting, and organizing. However, individuals or small teams usually perform cleaning services, focusing on creating a clean and comfortable living environment for homeowners and their families.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning revolves around the maintenance and sanitation of commercial or business premises. These spaces, such as office buildings, retail stores, or medical facilities, often have higher foot traffic and different cleanliness requirements than residential areas. Meanwhile, commercial cleaning encompasses a wider range of activities to keep the premises clean, and presentable, with health and safety regulations. This may include more specialized tasks such as carpet or upholstery cleaning, floor waxing, window cleaning, and disinfection. In addition, professional cleaning companies often provide commercial cleaning services with advanced tools, techniques, and expertise to handle larger and more complex cleaning projects.

What Is The Largest Commercial Cleaning Company In The World? 

Among all companies, the largest commercial cleaning company is Jani-King. It has more than 120 support offices in 10 countries.

What Are The 3 Recognised Types Of Cleaning? 

There are different types of cleaning, each catering to specific needs and requirements. The three recognized types of cleaning are regular, deep, and specialized cleaning.

#1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning refers to routine cleaning activities on a daily or weekly basis. This type of cleaning focuses on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene by performing basic tasks such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. 

However, regular cleaning removes surface-level dirt, dust, and debris to keep the space tidy and presentable. It involves cleaning commonly used areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. Homeowners, occupants, or janitors usually perform regular cleaning, for maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

#2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, also known as spring cleaning or thorough cleaning, is a more intensive and detailed cleaning process. It involves cleaning areas and items not typically addressed during regular cleaning. Deep cleaning eliminates accumulated dirt, stains, and hidden grime that may be missed during regular cleaning routines. 

This includes scrubbing tiles and grout, cleaning carpets and upholstery, washing curtains or blinds, and sanitizing hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans and light fixtures. Additionally, deep cleaning is done periodically, such as once or twice a year, to ensure a higher level of cleanliness and maintain a healthy living or working environment.

#3. Specialized Cleaning

Specialized cleaning refers to a cleaning that requires specific expertise, tools, or equipment. It is often in specialized settings. Examples include medical facility cleaning, industrial cleaning, construction site cleaning, and hazardous material cleaning. These require professionals with specialized skills, knowledge, and certifications to ensure the proper handling of dangerous substances or environments. Hence, specialized cleaning is vital for maintaining hygiene, safety, and compliance within specific industries or situations.

What Are The 5 Principles Of Cleaning? 

The 5 principles of cleaning serve as guidelines for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. These principles apply to various settings, ranging from households to commercial spaces. And they are as follows:

#1. Remove Dirt And Debris

First, remove any visible dirt, dust, or debris from the surfaces. You can do this using tools like brooms, vacuums, or dusters. Moreover, removing dirt and debris not only improves the appearance but also helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

#2. Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents

Different surfaces require different types of cleaning agents. Using the correct cleaning solution ensures the effective removal of stains, grease, and bacteria without causing any damage. So, follow the instructions on the product labels, ensuring the cleaning agents are safe for the surface and the user.

#3. Practice Proper Cleaning Techniques

Utilizing proper cleaning techniques is essential to maximize cleaning efficiency. This includes wiping in one direction, using microfiber cloths for dusting, or employing the appropriate amount of pressure when scrubbing.  In essence, learning and implementing the correct techniques saves time and ensures thorough cleaning.

#4. Follow The Correct Cleaning Order

Cleaning in the correct order help to prevent cross-contamination. A common practice is to start from the top and work your way down. This means dusting high surfaces, such as shelves or ceiling fans, before moving on to lower surfaces like countertops or floors. Therefore, with this correct cleaning order, you ensure dirt or debris from higher surfaces does not settle on already cleaned areas.

#5. Maintain Proper Cleaning Frequency

Finally, regular cleaning is essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment. The frequency of cleaning varies on the setting, but establish a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Moreover, different areas have different cleaning requirements; for example, high-traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning. So, adhering to a cleaning routine helps prevent dirt, dust, and bacteria, promoting a sanitary space.

What Is The 7 Step Cleaning Process? 

A 7-step cleaning process is a systematic approach to cleaning that ensures thoroughness and efficiency. Whether you are cleaning your home, office, or any other space, following this process can help you achieve a clean and organized environment. However, here are the seven steps in the cleaning process:

  • Preparation
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Disinfection
  • Final touches

With the 7-step cleaning process, you can maintain a clean and hygienic living or working space. Notably, regularly implementing this process will contribute to a healthier environment and a sense of cleanliness and order.

What Is The Most Important Rule Of Cleaning?

Some many guidelines and tips can help ensure a clean and healthy living environment. However, the most important rule of cleaning is undoubtedly cleanliness consistency. Consistency is key to maintaining a clean space. Also, it involves developing a routine and sticking to it. By consistently cleaning and organizing your surroundings, you can prevent dirt, dust, and clutter from accumulating.


Commercial cleaning companies aid in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various establishments across the United States. With the growing emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation, these companies are professional in contributing significantly to the well-being and satisfaction of employees, customers, and visitors. So, whether you stay in Chicago, New York City, or Florida, contact any of the above commercial cleaning companies for your cleaning needs.



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