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In addition to the coverage provided by your existing insurance plans, such as your auto and house insurance, umbrella insurance offers you additional protection. Geico’s Umbrella insurance can help you secure your assets, such as your house and investment accounts, and can also pay for legal costs over the amounts covered by your other insurance policies if, for example, someone is hurt on your property and sues you. Additionally, if you are charged with libel or slander, umbrella insurance may also assist in paying your defense costs and expenses.

All you need to know about Geico umbrella insurance is provided in this article. 

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is additional insurance that extends the protection offered by other policies’ existing limitations and coverages. Injuries, property damage, specific litigation, and personal liability issues may all be covered by umbrella insurance.

How does an Umbrella Insurance policy work?

In two crucial ways, an umbrella insurance policy safeguards both your present and your future:

  1. When the coverage limits of your homeowner’s, auto, and boat insurance policies are reached, umbrella insurance may still offer coverage.
  2. Umbrella insurance offers coverage for claims such as false arrest, libel, slander, and liability coverage on your rental properties that may be excluded by other liability policies.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Beyond the scope of your other insurance policies’ limits or for potential claims that liability insurance may not cover, umbrella insurance offers protection. Liability protection is typically offered via umbrella insurance for:

  • Injuries
  • Damage to property
  • Certain lawsuits
  • Personal liability situations

What does an umbrella insurance policy not cover?

Umbrella insurance policy will not cover several significant things, including:

  • Your injury or the loss of personal property
  • Criminal conduct or malicious harm
  • Contractual liability
  • Liability in business operations

Who needs umbrella insurance?

If you have a lot of assets, such as savings or real estate, umbrella insurance can help safeguard them if you are sued.

You should think about purchasing umbrella insurance coverage in the following situations:

  • Possessing a trampoline or pool
  • You have a pet.
  • Having a lease
  • Performing volunteer work
  • Having in your home a young or inexperienced driver
  • Coaching youth sports
  • Playing a sport that could put other people in danger
  • Regularly having events or visitors on your property

Geico Umbrella Insurance Review 

Geico Umbrella Insurance is a different term for liability protection. It is to safeguard your assets if you are subject to a court decision. It also goes by the moniker “excess liability coverage.” When the liability protection provided by your home insurance, boat insurance, or auto insurance is insufficient, umbrella insurance products will protect you.

Geico Umbrella Insurance Coverage

#1. Bodily injury liability:

This covers the injuries a third party sustains as a result of the accident. The cost of medical expenses and/or responsibility claims resulting from injuries brought on by them are some examples.

  • A serious auto accident for which you are responsible
  • The harm that your dog causes to other people
  • A visitor to your home gets an injury.
  • When playing in your yard, a neighbor’s child trips and falls.

#2. Property damage liability:

This pays for the expense of physical property loss or damage to another individual. Examples include the expense of repairing cars and other property after a car accident in which you are at fault.

#3. Owners of rental units:

This will shield you from any liabilities you might incur as a landlord. The price of liability claims resulting from:

  • Someone stumbling on a crack in your rental property’s walkway and filing a lawsuit against you for damages
  • When your tenant’s dog bites someone, you are liable for their injuries.

Additionally, you get protection if they hold you is offered if you are held liable for:

  • Slander: A hurtful verbal comment
  • Libel: A damaging statement that is published
  • False detention, arrest, or imprisonment
  • Unjustified prosecution

Geico Umbrella Insurance Cost

How much coverage you decide to purchase will influence the price of your Geico umbrella policy. Other elements, like your location, the number and kind of cars you own, whether you own several homes and other things, may have an impact on the cost of your umbrella insurance. You can receive a policy that meets your needs with the assistance of Geico’s umbrella insurance agents.

Geico Umbrella Insurance Requirements

You must maintain specific minimum liability limits on your auto, home, and boat policies to be eligible for GEICO’s Personal Umbrella coverage.

The minimum liability limits for each of the various policy categories are as follows:

#1. Auto Insurance Policy

  • $100,000 in property damage, $300,000 per person, and $300,000 per incident
  • $100,000 in property damage, $250,000 in person, or $500,000 in an event (bodily injury).

#2. Homeowners Insurance Policy

  • $300,000 liability

#3. Boat Insurance Policy (if applicable)

  • Under 26-footers with under 50 horsepower: a $100,000 obligation
  • boats of 50 horsepower or more or longer than 26 feet: Liability of $300,000

Does GEICO offer an umbrella policy? 

Geico offers umbrella insurance that goes beyond the current limitations and coverages of other policies. Additionally, injuries, property damage, specific litigation, and personal liability issues may all be covered by umbrella insurance.

Is an umbrella policy with insurance worth it? 

It makes sense to purchase umbrella coverage if you have sizable assets. If you are sued for an incident like a dog bite, automobile accident, or unintentional injury to someone else, your homeowners and auto insurance plans’ liability coverage may not be enough to protect you.

What is the most that the umbrella insurance will pay? 

Up to the policy limit, your umbrella insurance will only pay the maximum amount. If you have $1 million in umbrella insurance coverage, for instance, and you are held legally responsible, your umbrella insurance will only cover up to that amount.

What are the advantages of Umbrella insurance?

A few benefits of having umbrella insurance are as follows:

  • You feel better knowing you have umbrella insurance protection.
  • Typically, umbrella insurance coverage is applicable everywhere in the world.
  • Your retirement fund can be kept safe with umbrella insurance.
  • Coverage for your family’s and your pets’ behavior is offered through umbrella insurance.
  • For the quantity of coverage you get, umbrella insurance is reasonably priced.
  • Specific rental equipment, like a boat, that you might not have insurance for is covered by umbrella insurance.
  • Large umbrella insurance coverage limits give you a good cushion right away.
  • Your regular insurance may not cover some events, including defamation and libel, but umbrella insurance may.
  • Once you’ve used up the limits of your home insurance, auto insurance, or other insurance policies, like motorcycle coverage, umbrella insurance offers additional liability coverage as well as coverage for any attorney or court costs.

What are the disadvantages of umbrella insurance? 

Some drawbacks to purchasing umbrella insurance coverage include the following:

  • To be eligible for umbrella insurance, you must already have property insurance, such as a car or house insurance.
  • Before adding umbrella insurance, you must buy a certain amount of liability protection for your car or property.
  • Umbrella insurance won’t cover your property.
  • You will require a separate business policy, which you must buy.
  • An umbrella insurance policy has various restrictions on what it will pay for, such as deliberate wrongdoing.

Can you be denied umbrella insurance? 

Yes, you can apply for umbrella insurance and get rejected. Your insurance provider is not required to insure you if they determine that you pose an excessive risk.

At what net worth do you need umbrella insurance? 

A net worth of more than $500,000 needs umbrella insurance.

Do umbrella policies cover everything?

Umbrella insurance offers protection above and beyond the terms and conditions of other policies. Injuries, property damage, specific litigation, and personal liability issues may all be covered by umbrella insurance. 

What is not a benefit of umbrella insurance?

  • It does not provide ridesharing or gap insurance.
  • It has a small number of regional agents.


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