Top 13+ Biggest Motivational Speakers In Nigeria

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A motivational or inspirational speaker utilise language to influence people’s behaviours. They use words to mould people’s emotions, dispel limiting ideas, and motivate them to act despite their fears and uncertainties.

Looking for a list of motivational speakers in Nigeria, as well as more information? In this article, we’ll explore the biggest and most popular motivational speakers from Nigeria, their roles in empowering the youth, the steps involved in becoming a motivational speaker, as well as the necessary skills involved.

Who are Motivational Speakers?

Motivational speakers, like comedians and singers, are gifted and talented individuals who strongly desire to inspire, challenge, encourage, and provide hope to others through motivation.

Top Biggest Motivational Speakers In Nigeria

Various motivational speakers in Nigeria have excellent communication abilities and have had a significant impact on the lives of many people.

Here are some of Nigeria’s most prominent motivational speakers today.  

#1. Samuel Adeyemi

He is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast-growing, life-changing church in Lagos dedicated to raising role models. Through seminars and the media, he is passionate about teaching success, leadership, and financial principles. He is in high demand as a speaker, both nationally and internationally.

#2. Dayo Olomu

He is a human capital development and company transformation strategist. Dayo is known for building momentum in people’s lives by taking them from good to great by helping to unleash human potential by introducing measures that can turn a dream into reality.

#3. Fela Durotoye

He is a consultant and a motivational speaker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics as well as a Master of Business Administration. He is widely regarded as a nation builder, corporate strategist, and, without a doubt, Nigeria’s most in-demand prolific business strategist and corporate activist.

#4. Lanre Olusola

The catalyst is acknowledged as one of Africa’s Premier Life, Mind, Emotions, and Behavioral Change Coaches, working with individuals and businesses to help them transition from where they are to where they want to be.

#5. Ubong Essien

He is a well-known motivator and the publisher of The Achievers Journal, Nigeria’s monthly motivational publication. He is also the Dean of The School of Eloquence, a public speaking training centre with locations in Lagos and London. He has worked as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and consultant to a wide range of Nigerian organisations in both the private and public sectors.

#6. Muyiwa Afolabi

He is the group CEO of Frontiers International Services Limited, which specialises in human capital development and social reformation. He is a strategic thinker with extensive expertise in managing value chain processes. Muyiwa’s drive-time career and life counselling chat broadcasts on numerous radio stations daily inspire tens of millions of Nigerians.

#7. Leke Alder 

He is the founder and principal of Alder Consulting, a Nigerian branding firm based in Lagos and London. He is recognised for introducing branding as a discipline to Nigeria and has counselled at the highest levels of policy, politics, and business both domestically and abroad. He has advised the Nigerian federal government on policy formulation, as well as the federal ministries of information and Communication, Education, Foreign Affairs, and Solid Minerals Development.

#8. Steve Harris

He is honoured to be a sought-after management Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and author in the fields of Life and Business Strategy. He also serves as the Managing Consultant for EdgeEcution, a group of Management Consultants and executive Coaches that help their clients create and implement interventions that result in organisational transformation.

#9. Vincent Anigbogu

Vincent Anigbogu is one of Nigeria’s most prominent motivational speakers. He is an analytical chemistry professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. He taught analytical chemistry at four different universities in the United States for almost 20 years before returning to Nigeria in 2006.

#10. Uju Onyechere 

He is another well-known Nigerian motivational speaker and consultant. His desire to assist individuals in discovering themselves led him to freelance writing for publications. During the early years of his speaking career, he attempted to reach out to a larger audience.

#11. Olakunle Soriyan

He is an executive coach and mentor. He revitalises leaders as Chief Knowledge Officer at Kenneth Soriyan Research and Ideas LLC, pushing them to embrace their unique traits to maintain their personal and professional values. Olakunle has a compelling life narrative about how he went from somebody to nobody and then back again.

#12. Olajumoke Adenowo

She is a well-known Nigerian architect, business owner, and motivational speaker. She is one of Nigeria’s most popular female motivational speakers, known for her eloquence and intelligent remarks. Olajumoke Adenowo has performed on several national and international stages.  

#13. Niyi Adesanya

He is a human capital counsellor, motivational speaker, trainer, and leadership specialist. Niyi Adesanya exemplifies leadership and serves as an example to many. He is the Principal Consultant at FifthGear Consulting, a firm with the mission of assisting organisations in being their best by developing and sustaining a leadership culture that can improve productivity, foster growth, and promote peace.

#14. Sesan Kareem 

A Full Potential Coach, Sesan is the Team Leader of Mareek Image Concepts (MIC)  and an Amazon-marketed Author who has authored and published six inspirational books on self-development and personal fulfilment. His writings have crossed borders. He is considered one of the youngest and most controversial African speakers of our day.

The Roles of Motivational Speakers in Empowering Students

Motivational speakers play an important role in empowering young people in Nigeria. These roles include:

#1. Aids In The Development of Self-Belief

Being young comes with a lot of insecurities, which can lead to unhealthy types of escapism. Having motivational speakers for youth helps prevent them from forming an internal narrative of not being good enough, preventing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Motivational speaking to youth can help if a student finds themselves being picked on and developing low self-esteem as a result.

#2. Helps To Develop Self-Discipline 

We all remember how our willpower wasn’t the strongest when we were in elementary school, and having a motivational speaker for youth will assist in growing that. We promote internal motivation and self-discipline by inspiring students to pursue their ideas and make them a reality. It takes work to create what is in your thoughts, and persuading pupils to commit to that work fits very well with ordinary classroom activities.

#3. Assists in Providing New Perspectives

Because students are at a moment in their lives where their views and perspectives appear timeless, it is a good idea to introduce new points of view and ways of thinking. You don’t want to encourage any form of stunting, and many life experiences that provide kids with new ideas can be detrimental. Of all, you can’t prevent everything bad from happening, and mistakes can frequently be beneficial. However, while dealing with at-risk adolescents, it is preferable to have motivational speakers for disturbed youth rather than subjecting them to further terrible experiences.

Steps Involved In Becoming A Motivational Speaker

Many people who enjoy sharing their success stories want to become motivational speakers. Creating a public speaking plan may come naturally or require some effort. To begin your operational trip, follow these steps:

#1. Begin With a Topic You Are Familiar With

You must be enthusiastic about the subject you desire to promote. If it is important to you, it will be easier to persuade others that it should be. If you’re stuck for ideas, make a list of topics that you’re passionate about and want to share with others.

#2. Create Distinctive Content

Now that you know what you’ll be talking about, it’s time to create your material and deliver it uniquely. Folks want to hear new ideas, so pay attention to what’s already out there and consider how your version of the material will best appeal to folks who know nothing about the issue.

#3. Recognise Your Intended Audience

Even if you want everyone to love your message, not everyone will. Understand that this is normal and anticipated. Concentrate on interacting with your most engaged audience members and creating material that will speak to them.

#4. Determine Public Interest 

Share creative quotes, write blog entries, and collaborate with influencers on social media platforms to increase your online visibility. You’ll be ready to take your message to the stage once you’ve tested your content online and received enough good feedback. Increasing your internet audience helps you attend future speaking engagements.

#5. Improve Your Public Speaking Abilities

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of delivering quality content is doing so in an exciting way. You must develop ways to get into your audience’s deepest needs and persuade them that hearing your message will improve their quality of life. That is why it is critical to hone your public speaking abilities.

#6. Begin For Free 

Once you’ve figured out what it takes to be a remarkable speaker, begin offering free speaking engagements to local schools and organisations that will benefit from your message. People may inquire about your charge as you improve your public speaking skills.

#7. Make Marketing Investments

With the assistance of a local marketing professional, you may reach a larger audience. Your investment will pay off as you gain traction in your new career. Inform your friends, family, and business contacts that you are actively seeking speaking opportunities.

#8. Apply For Speaking Engagements 

Word-of-mouth advertising is advantageous because it is free and develops a network of relationships with everyone you educate about your speaking engagements. You may need to apply for time slots at conventions, conferences, workshops, and other venues in addition to networking.

The Essential Skills For Becoming a Motivational Speaker

It takes time and practice to become a motivational speaker. Motivational speakers have particular skills that help them succeed, and you may realise that yours may use some polishing. Some of these skills include;

#1. Capabilities in Public Speaking

Confidence is another vital characteristic of a motivational speaker. Even skilled communicators who are at ease speaking to a small group may lose confidence when speaking to a large group. When you are secure in your abilities, problems like uneasiness and stage fright may fade.

#2. Communication Skills

The ability to adequately explain an idea or thinking is a necessary skill for public speaking. To become an excellent communicator, you must master a variety of communication elements. To ensure that the listener understands everything you say, you must have outstanding diction.

#3. Passion

When you are enthusiastic about the subject of your speech, communication becomes simpler. Your communication may fail to educate and inform others if it lacks passion. It is critical to exude competence in your speech delivery to connect with your audience. When presenting a speech on a topic that does not excite you, delve deep into the subject and look for aspects that may be of interest to you.

#4. The Ability to Communicate With The Audience

You must connect with your audience when delivering a seminar or addressing an issue during a meeting. Assess your audience’s needs before attempting to engage with them. Some people, for example, are at ease with technical words, whereas others are not. Some people enjoy a lighthearted talk with jokes and humour, whereas others prefer a professional conversation.

#5. Clear Articulation

Good motivational speakers employ good language and enunciate words properly, avoiding linguistic crutches like “um” and “ah.” Verbal crutches can divert the audience’s attention away from what the speaker is trying to express. Because they have a strong command of the language, use appropriate phrases, and have a large vocabulary, motivational speakers with clear articulation help to clarify their concepts.

How To Market Yourself As A Motivational Speaker 

Motivational speakers have many opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise.

#1. Identify a Market Niche for Yourself

Everyone has hobbies, interests, and areas of competence. As a result, your first step should be to identify a market that will profit from what you have to say. Concentrating your marketing efforts on a certain niche will narrow your market, but it will target specific groups of people who share a common interest.

#2. Create a Website With a Blog

Nowadays, you can’t run a successful business without a website. It is not as tough as you may believe to create a website. Your website should be jam-packed with information about who you are and what you do.

#3. Write a Book

Writing a book is one of the best methods to demonstrate to the world that you are an authority on a subject. A book can be used to advertise yourself as a speaker in two ways. The first option is to make it available as a free download. The second option is to sell it and profit from it.

#4. Appearing as a Guest on Podcasts

Appearing as a guest on a prominent podcast is an excellent approach to reaching your target market and expanding your audience. You should appear on a podcast that is related to your expertise because the listeners will be interested in what you have to say.

Who Was Nigeria’s First Motivational Speaker?

Ubon Essienn is Nigeria’s first Certified Speaking Professional, a renowned motivator, and the publisher of Nigeria’s monthly motivational paper, The Achievers Journal.

How Do You Interview With a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational Speaker Interview Questions:

  • What inspired you to become a motivational speaker?
  • What systems do you employ when conducting motivational research?
  • How would you ensure that your speeches are both interesting and informative?
  • What do you consider to be the most difficult aspect of being a motivational speaker?

What Tools do Motivational Speakers Employ?

They can engage with the audience nonverbally by using their posture, eye contact, body language, and facial expressions, and by dressing appropriately. To emphasise and show emotion behind what they are saying, they can change the tone of their voice, speech pattern, accent, and pitch.

What is it Called when a Speaker is paid?

A speaking fee or honoraria is a payment made to an individual for speaking at a public event. Motivational speakers, businesspeople, facilitators, and celebrities can make considerable amounts of money in speaking fees or honoraria.

How Do You Begin a Motivational Speech?

To begin, use a hook to pique your audience’s interest, such as a question, a story, a quote, or a statistic. Establish your audience’s trust and rapport, and state your purpose and main message.


After reading the Top biggest motivational speakers we have here, you should familiarise yourself with them. You are not required to hear them talk. You may buy their books, listen to their podcasts, and learn more about them. Above all, these folks are enjoying their lives and fulfilling their dreams. You, too, are capable. Today is the day to discover yourself!

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