What You Need To Do To Stay Productive As A Remote Worker

Homeworkers say they’re 7% more productive than they thought they’d be, according to a research study. Remote work is common across America, with 85% of managers saying it’s the norm in their teams. But to be as productive and successful as possible when you work from home, you need to ensure you’ve got all the essentials in place. Here’s how to set up a home workspace that covers all the basics.

Get organized

If you work from home under a hybrid working model, where you split your time between home and the office, it‘s crucial that you stay as organized as possible. 74% of companies are using this method of working, states Zippia. You need to have a decent desk to work from and lots of storage. This should include storage boxes, a filing cabinet, shelving, and file holders. Make sure you keep everything labeled so that when you need to go into the office, you can quickly grab what you need and go.

Have a dedicated workspace

22% of remote workers say they find it difficult to turn off at the end of the working day. To avoid this problem, you need to set up a dedicated area to work from which you can close the door on at 5 pm. This is important as it sets boundaries and encourages a good work-life balance. It also helps you get into the right mindset, as you won’t be distracted by things around your home. If you’ve got a spare room, this is the ideal place to set up your office. Alternatively, clear out your dining room and make a kitchen-diner, so you can transform the dining room into your office. Other options include converting your loft or putting up an office in your garden.

Take breaks

CNN reports that remote working has increased the average working day by 2.5 hours. This puts workers at risk of burnout. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, set your working hours and stick to them. You also need to take regular breaks. These breaks need to be away from your desk as this will stop you from being distracted by emails and other pieces of work while you eat your lunch. It’s wise to go for a walk on your breaks as this will help you clear your mind. Research has even found that a walk at lunch can improve your concentration and creativity when you return to your desk.

Minimize distractions

More than 53% of homeworkers say that they’re distracted by their cellphone when they work. There are a whole host of distractions in the home, including kids, pets, the television, video games, and social media. You can minimize distractions by putting your phone in ‘do not disturb’ mode. There are also apps you can use to block specific websites. So, if you’re concerned that social media or your personal emails are going to lure you away from your work, block them.

Working from home is the new normal. Make sure you’re as productive as can be by following these tips and advice.

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