Most Profitable Company: 2021 Ranking To Inspire You

Considering the list of the most profitable companies will give us an idea of which country that possess economic power and economic sectors that wield the most economic influence. It’s also worthy to note that China and U.S are two nations that have model standard economy, currently.

Let’s consider some of that profitable company and their net income. 

Tesla incorporation

Tesla Inc. was formerly known as Tesla Motors, Inc. An American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Consequently, Tesla started operation on July 1, 2003, by Elon Musk. Currently, its net worth is 209 U.S billion dollars and has electric vehicles, Tesla batteries, solar panels, and roofs as their product. It’s also on record that in 2020, Tesla produced 509,737 vehicles.

Agricultural Bank of China

 This Is a financial institution, that has its headquarter at Dongcheng, Beijing. However, Agricultural Bank of china’s profitable services includes finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, private equity, Mortgage, and credit card. Agricultural Bank of China came into existence when the Republic of China, the formal bank of China, and the cooperation bank merged. It starts functioning in 1951.

Saudi Aramco

 This an oil and gas profitable company owned by the Saudi Arabia government. Consequently, they started operation in 1933, with a current net income of 88.2 US billion dollars. In 2020 they have over 96,000 employees. Amin. Al-Nasser is the president and CEO while Yasir Al-Rumayyan is the chairman. Saudi Aramco is the sixth-largest company in the world as of 2020.

Berkshire Hathaway

 is a multi-purpose company, their area of profitability are on property & casualty insurance, utilities, restaurants, food processing, Aerospace, toys, media, Automotive, sporting goods, consumer products, internet, and real estate. Their net income is 81.4 US billion dollars. Their headquarter is located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. 

Warren E Buffett is the chairman & CEO while Charles T. Munger is the vice-chairman. 

Apple incorporation

Is said to be among the top profitable companies in the U.S. it’s headquartered is in Cupertino, California. They manufacture computer software, portable digital music player, iPhone, iPad, Shazam, Apple watch and accessories. In addition to that, Apple’s net income is 57.41 U.S billion dollars and was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. Its also worthy to note that, apple incorporation was formally known as Apple computer company (1976-1977) and Apple computer, incorporation (1977-2007).


 Headquarters is located at Redwood, Washington. Microsoft Corporation net worth is 44.3 U.S billion dollars Conversely, it’s products includes an operating system, server development, business applications, software development tools, video tools, personal computer, phones, and other intelligent devices. However, The corporation was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in April 1975. In addition to that, Microsoft ranked No. 21 in the 2020 fortune 500 rankings of the largest Unites state corporation by total revenue.

Industrial And the commercial bank of China.

Is a financial institution located in Beijing, China, Consequently, her services include Finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, private equity, mortgage loans, and credit card. The provision of all these services made them one of the profitable companies in China and beyond. Currently, its net worth is 43.42 U.S billion dollars. . In august 2008, the Industrial And the commercial bank of China, became the second china bank since 1991 to gain federal approval to establish a branch in New York City.

Chain construction bank

 This is a profitable financial institution in Beijing. The government of China founded it at1 January 1954.In addition, their services involve finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, private equity, mortgage loan, and credit card. Currently, their net worth is 37.2 U.S billion dollars. Zhang Jianguo is the president while Xin Shusen is the Vice President.


 This is among the top five technology profitable company in the USA, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. however, they own about 14 percent of its shares and control 54 percent of the shareholder voting power through the super-voting stock. Their range of Internet services is Google Cloud, Ads, cloud computing services, online video games, YouTube, maps, sales of hardware products, and digital content. Google started on September 4, 1998, in California. As of 2014, her net worth is 14.44 U.S billion dollars

Alibaba group holding limited

This is a multinational technology company. Founded on 28 June 1999 by Jack Ma and his team of 17 friends. Conversely, Alibaba group provides E-commerce, cloud computing, entertainment, mobile commerce, Mobile media, TV shows, and films as their services. Currently, their net worth is 140 U.S billion dollars. They have 117,600 number employed staff. Jack Ma became the executive chairman from inception, until 10 September 2019 when Daniel Zhang succeeded the leadership of the company.

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