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GrayMatters Capital (GMC) is an Impact investing Enterprise founded by Bob Patillo. GMC as an enterprise invests in businesses with sustainable and replicable business models that are directly an advantage to people who are undeserved in developing countries. It also takes the interest of the community at heart by bringing sustainable improvements to firms that benefits its people. We will be going into a quick review of the investment focus on gmc and what funding opportunity announcement is.

GMC invests in ‘For-profit’ enterprises in the field of Education with an eye on improving learning outcome, preparing the workforce of the future and bridging gender gaps.

The company also investments that are sector agnostic in ‘for-profit’  enterprises whose product make a tangible difference to the lives of by helping them in form of establishing platforms where they can attain gainful livelihoods.

As a supportive group, the operation rate of GMC can be trusted due to their wide range and versatility of operation, with branches scattered over target areas. Due to this, the profit margin of beneficiaries and investees alike are kept afloat while societal maintenance objectives are kept as a priority.


Through direct investments and co-investing with funds as well as through other meaningful initiatives, (such as edLABS in India and coLABS, globally) the portfolio of GMC has grown to an amazing 70 companies across the United States and developing countries like India (as earlier mentioned), Latin America and Africa of course.

Some facts about GMC include:

  1. GrayMatters Capital invests in profit-Oriented start-up firms and still maintain the interest of the host community in mind.
  2. The investments made in the educational sector by GMC has both the present and future in mind, by mindfully investing into the affairs of young minds. This way maintaining profit and sustainable development in host communities.
  3. There are also flexible risks capital available to investees, entrepreneurs and social ventures; readily made possible for those in developing countries.
  4. The support given to start-up ventures through seed-stage investments vehicles has an investment range of $50,000 to $250,000.
  5. The support given to ventures through venture capital stage investments has an investment range of $250,000 to $2 million.

Quick review of the Investment Focus of GMC

  • GMC has a focus on business that have a great role in the alleviation of poverty especially in those developing countries of choice.
  • Also Firms with the capacity to improve the general standard of living through extensive services delivered at considerable cost are a primary interest.
  • Interest in Ventures that promote the dignity of Human right by stressing the basic needs in their operation tactics.
  • Interest in Educationally minded organizations that secure the future by impacting young minds so that sustainable community development can be achieved.

Other Investment interests include:

  1. Human Capital development in Low-income communities.
  2. Ecosystem development of developing countries.
  3. GMC collaborates with investees and other internal and external stakeholders which brings about mutual work interests promoting social order in working environment.
  4. Such collaborations are practically geared toward research purposes, to come up with methods which support game-changing business concepts – evolution capabilities of the businesses involved.

The GrayMatter stands out as an initiative set out to bring about societal change.

Initiatives covering Africa

Some of their initiative that covers Africa includes:

  • coLABS: is a sector-agnostic, global investment portfolio launched by Gray Matters Capital in early 2017 to invest in innovative and scalable enterprises that are tackling critical issues facing women and girls around the world.

In line with Gray Matters Capital mission of improving the lives of 100 million women around the world, coLABS will be committing $5 million over the next 3 years to help early-stage entrepreneurs with seed capital and strategic advisory support to scale their enterprises.

coLABS will be looking to make 6 new investments across the world every six months

For more information, visit

  • IDEX Accelerator: is a six-month fellowship program launched by Gray Matters Capital in 2010. It runs two fellowship cycles, one in January and the other in July every year.

The program is tailored for aspiring social enterprise practitioners from around the world to become changemakers supporting and leading the development of scalable solutions in fields as disparate as health, education, renewable energy and environment. For more information about the fellowship program visit

Funding Opportunity Announcement

A Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is the document used by all federal agencies to inform the public about the availability of grant funds.
All Funding Opportunity Announcement must include the following critical information, as required by federal regulation:

  1. Purpose, objectives, and evaluation of the program
  2. Number assigned to the grant program by the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).
  3. The nature of the award (e.g., discretionary grant or cooperative agreement)
  4. Grant applications are due on this date.
  5. Number of funding opportunities
  6. Obligations of reporting
  7. Text of the announcement in its entirety
  8. Instructions for use

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