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It’s absurd and awkward how people think they can run a business without a notion to get a business plan. Business is a deliberate step by step actions outlined in a clear documented manner that leads to the delivery of value to certain people in exchange for money called income or revenue. The truth is that any business that doesn’t earn money in the long run or short run would definitely close down. A business plan is your guide in the path of making profits through the 7 vital pillars. What it costs to have a business plan is far much cheaper to what it costs to lose money in business because of lack of plan and direction which can be avoided

What do you receive when we write your plan?

You will Basically get these 4 documents with us and another copy of these 4 documents replicated as PDF files, all sent to your inbox in less time when you get a business plan from us.

  1. A complete business plan outlined in this order

i)  Executive Summary

ii) Company Description

iii) Products and Services

iv) Market analysis

v)  Strategy and Implementation

vi) Organization and Management Team

vii) Financial plan and projections

2. A detailed 18 section financial plan. Capturing the smallest detail of your past, present and future financial analysis.

3. A business Model Canvas outlining the 9 vital part of your business.

4. A bonus package of a business proposals

Other additional FREE packages when you get a Business Plan

  1. We would help you redefine your value propositions, evaluate your market while speculating and preparing you for possible future changes and threats your business might face.
  2. We give you additional time so we come in and help you in the implementation
  3. Personalized one on one service

What do you have to do to get a business plan from us?

Just fill out this form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your need

An example could be fashion Industry, Automobile, Education, Agriculture etc
An example could be for loan and funding, as a compass to guide business operations, valuation etc