IWOW 2020 Women Global Possibilities Summit

IWOW Global Possibilities business Summit for women

IWOW Global Possibilities Summit is an annual high energy lifestyle, personal development, and business growth event hosted by the Inspired Women of Worth Network.

The vision is to inspire, educate, empower, and encourage women to stand out in their various spheres of influence. Whether it is the stay at home mom/work from the home executive, the power tycoon woman, or the professional woman.

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Our ultimate aim is to create a platform for empowering women to maximize their potential and embrace their best lives. The IWOW Women Global Possibilities Summit encourages empowerment in an accountable and nurturing environment. These will contribute positively to better the society both individually and collectively.

Inspired women of worth IWOW 20120 summit is a 2day event starting 23rd of march 2020 and run till the night of the 24th.

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