How AI Paraphrase Tool Can Help In Content Marketing?

How AI Paraphrase Tool Can Help In Content Marketing?
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The simple answer is yes, it can. But, it requires us to understand just how. Today, more than 84% of companies employ extensive content marketing strategies. This requires thorough research, an understanding of topics, and the formulation of content.

All of these require spending a lot of time researching, doing SEO work, and writing. But, when you enter a paraphrasing tool into this equation, the time decreases drastically. How exactly does that happen? Let’s find out.

Defining An AI Paraphrase Tool

AI-generated paraphrasing is the process of generating a new text with the same meaning as the original text. Thus, a paraphrasing tool is a software that automatically paraphrases text for this purpose in order to reduce plagiarism and improve readability.

The algorithm of the software creates a new sentence by rephrasing the original sentence. It tries to preserve the meaning of the sentence while changing some words. The main purpose of this tool is to make it easier for people to rewrite content efficiently.

It can be done by either generating a sentence or paragraph with the same meaning as another sentence or paragraph. So, the AI paraphrasing tool uses a machine learning algorithm and replaces some parts of one text with alternative synonyms or phrases.

Importance Of AI Paraphrasing Tools

There are numerous advantages to using AI-generated paraphrasing tools. One advantage is that they can increase productivity, as they are able to generate content quickly and easily. Another advantage is that they can alter a certain article’s content, tone, or voice.

This can save time for writers who wish to paraphrase without having to go through the trouble. But, let’s sum up some key advantages of using a paraphrasing tool:

  • It helps you rewrite hundreds of words within seconds;
  • AI knows how to spell words, so grammatical errors don’t occur;
  • Removes redundancy and makes content much more engaging;
  • Replaced synonyms and phrases to avoid plagiarism;
  • The quality of content increases significantly

And the best part is that all of this happens at a very low percentage of the actual manual effort. Instead of reading, understanding, and rewriting, a paraphrasing tool requires you to upload the content and let it do all the work. As a result, the tool barely takes a few seconds to help you with the aforementioned benefits.

How AI Paraphrasing Tool Helps Content Marketing

The ways a paraphrasing tool can help content marketing depend on the usage. But, considering the most common scenarios, we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful aspects of AI-paraphrasing tools for a content writer/marketer. Here they are:

#1. It Removes Plagiarism

Plagiarism removal is one of the key processes marketers and writers go through every day. Now, this doesn’t happen intentionally all the time, as there’s plenty of similar content. Once again, unique content comes into play, and that’s something a good paraphrasing tool can help you with.

Therefore, using a paraphrasing tool can help you remove plagiarism without any effort. But, using an AI paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism requires you to:

  • Scan for plagiarism,
  • Paraphrase thoroughly,
  • Use the idea in your own words,
  • Cite the original source properly.

This process ensures the originality of content, and it’s employed by many content marketers and writers around the globe. The idea is to rewrite the content using a paraphraser to save time. And needless to say, the process is much faster than paraphrasing manually.

#2. It Improves Readability & Thoroughness

Readable and thorough content doesn’t linger around any ideas. In fact, it gets right into the bulk of the topic and explains it to the reader. Something that a lot of newbie writers lack is the power of explanation. Now, this is a skill that’s developed over time.

Unless you use a paraphrasing tool to describe an idea much more conveniently. The idea behind using a tool is to improve your text, and an AI paraphrasing tool does just that.

#3. It Helps in Removing Repetition

When creating content, writers can sometimes start using the same type of words and sentences in their work over and over again.

This can make their work look repetitive, and it can turn away their readers. This ultimately results in an increased bounce rate, which is bad for SEO.

By using a paraphrasing tool, this repetition can be reduced. The tool can change some of the repeatedly used words with other synonyms, which can help the content look nice and…dynamic (I guess you can call it.)

The same goes for phrases. An intelligent AI tool will also change repeated phrases in the content and switch them with something different in some instances.

#4. Save Time In Content Creation

Saving time in content creation is one of the key aspects of content marketing. The more frequently you post out content, the easier it’ll be for your website to rank higher in SERP. Therefore, writing content quickly is a necessity. However, doing it is entirely different, and formulating quality content takes time.

Unless you use a paraphrasing tool, which helps you save a lot of time in content creation. Whether removing plagiarism, changing content tones, or making your content stick better, a paraphrasing tool can do it all.

Which Paraphraser Should You Use?

The answer is in the demonstration we used, and it’s This tool allows you to rewrite 2500 words, and on top of that, it features four remarkable content modes and an engaging UI:

These factors make it an ideal paraphraser for content marketers and writers.


These are the few ways a paraphrasing tool can help writers today. Not only is it a vital part of any writer’s arsenal, but it’s also a necessity in today’s world for content marketers. So, use a dependable tool like to achieve the benefits of an AI paraphrasing tool.

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