indra nooyi resigns

Indra Nooyi resigns as the CEO of PepsiCo today. She’s been consistently ranked by Forbes, Fortune etc. as one of the most powerful women in the world and in business.

In 2009 and 2010, she was ranked by Fortune as the most (1st) powerful woman in business and in the entire world. Through her leadership, PepsiCo was restructured, revenue skyrocketed and today it’s the second biggest food and beverage company in the world after Nestlé in terms of revenue.

PepsiCo has hundreds of subsidiaries including brands such as Pepsi, Quaker and Mountain Dew. PepsiCo has a market value of over $150B as of today.

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In an interview where she was with Bill Gates, Dangote and Son of Soft Bank, she bantered that if she was invited to a dinner where coke was served, she would say “thank you” and walk away after being asked joshingly. This is a strong brand  loyalty at its peak

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