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Do you want to start a business but don’t have sufficient capital to purchase a franchise? If you answered yes, here are the 21 best low cost franchise opportunities to try out in 2023. 

Today, entrepreneurs acknowledge the benefits of purchasing a prosperous business franchise over going it alone on the business highway. 

However, many prospective business owners are put off by the prices paid for successful franchises, particularly those in specific industries.

If this scenario explains your situation, you should not be concerned because there are successful low cost franchise opportunities for veterans and everyone for every budget. As a result, we are bringing you franchises in the United States that cost between $1 and $100k. 

Can a Franchise Make You Rich?

Yes, the answer is a resounding YES. A strong franchise firm can help you diversify your financial portfolio while also increasing your revenue stream. 

The best part is that a franchised company combines the independence of a small business with the advantages of a large network.

However, the fact remains that not all businesses are treated equally. In fact, if you invest in a franchise without prior experience, training, or little tricks, you may end up spending. 

This is why we have compiled a list of the 21 best low cost franchise opportunities 2023  that will assist you in becoming wealthy through the ownership of a franchise.


#1. Amsoil

First on our list of the best low cost franchise opportunities in 2023 is Amsoil. It is a Wisconsin-based American corporation that mostly develops and packages synthetic lubricants and filters. Amsoil distributes its products through multi-level marketing. It’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities for veterans. 

This company provides training materials, administrative support, technical support, and everything else required to establish a successful Dealership.

As a new  Dealer, you’ll receive a Dealer Kit that includes the Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472), a simple, easy-to-read manual that provides clear guidance for starting and growing your business.

Estimated Investment rate: $1,000

#2. Space Walk

Next on our list of the best low cost franchise opportunities is the Space Walk. It is the nation’s leading provider of inflatable entertainment. The company has over 40 years of experience in the industry. 

Space Walk’s Partner Program will put you in business for yourself while also committing to long-term success in your community.

 The company claims to be the inventor of the inflatable amusement industry and has already assisted many families and individuals across the country just like you.

Estimated Investment rate: $3,500

#3. The American Darters Association  

This franchise is the only national dart league program in the United States. American Dart League Managers create and manage American Dart Leagues for both conventional English “steel-tip” darts and electronic “soft-tip” darts. 

Estimated Investment rate:$1,500 – $2,800

#4. Travel Leaders Franchise 

Georges Nagelmackers founded Wagons-Lits in 1872 to install sleeping compartments in European trains. He founded the Orient Express a few years later. Ward G. Foster established Ask Mr. Foster, a travel agency in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1888.

Carlson Travel Network and Wagonlit Travel merged to form Carlson Wagonlit Travel in 1997. The company then merged with Travel Leaders and Tzell Travel Group in 2008 to form what is now known as the Travel Leaders franchise.

Estimated Investment rate: $2,270 – $16,910

#5. Crack Eraser

This company provides the best professional windshield crack repair kits available online. It’s also one of the best low cost franchise opportunities in 2023. 

Their cracked windshield repair kits are the ideal product for fixing and repairing any cracked window that you may come across, as they provide dependability, true quality, and a solution that truly works.

Most of all, each of their kits is sold at some of the most competitive prices, so starting costs aren’t an issue; simply purchase one of their sets and you can begin immediately for as little as possible.

Because they are professional grade and offer enough to repair windshields in bulk, starting your windshield repair enterprise is easier than ever. So, are you on the lookout for a new source of income? Then this franchise is for you. 

Estimated Investment rate: $1,000 – $4,000

#6. Buildingstars

Next on our list of the best low cost franchise opportunities are the buildingstars founded in 1994 as a commercial cleaning company. It’s very cheap and affordable, with a minimum investment of only $2,245.

 That $2,000 investment will turn you into a “technician,” or an individual who runs a part-time cleaning business while also working another job, according to Buildingstars.

Estimated Investment rate:$2,245 to $53,200

#7. My Business Venture

MBV is a nationwide technology service provider with over 25 years of experience, it’s also one of the best low cost franchise opportunities for veterans. 

They specialize in providing powerful websites, shopping carts, credit card processing, and social media programs to entrepreneurs running successful businesses on the internet, at home, or by mail.

MBV provides its customers with the ability to start a home-based business from the comfort of their own home, as well as assist existing business owners in developing a proven marketing program to help them succeed.

Estimated Investment rate:$2,795 – $3,995

#8. Umbrella Tax Services

Umbrella is a tax service bureau that offers professional tax software, financial services, bank products, and customer service.

 They provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a path to financial freedom by providing licensing opportunities and assistance in establishing Umbrella financial service/taxation businesses.

Estimated Investment rate: $5,600

#9. Pajama Man

The insurance industry is blooming with almost everyone requiring insurance, and the recession-resistant insurance industry thrives. 

Consider becoming an independent insurance broker if you want to run your own home-based business in a high-demand industry. These features make it one of the best low cost franchise opportunities for veterans.

As an independent insurance broker, you will represent top insurance providers in every category, from property and casualty to life and health, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. The Pajama Man system gets you up and running quickly.

Estimated Investment rate: $1,000 – $5,000

#10. Smart Money Co

Smart Money is a financial services company based in the United States. The company provides low-cost franchises and complete training in their specific area, which takes about thirty days to complete. 

Their program includes all of the tools needed to thoroughly train you in the financial services industry, as well as their marketing, their techniques in marketing are guaranteed to bring you lots of consumers. With this alone, it’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities for Veterans. 

Estimated Investment rate: $4,950 – $12,500

#11. Pando Financial 

Pango Financials’ comprehensive suite of innovative funding solutions can provide your company with the necessary boost. It’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities 2023. 

Pango Financial provides funding solutions for all types of businesses. Their skilled and knowledgeable team can help your business grow and succeed with everything from lines of credit to equipment financing and everything that comes with it.

Estimated Investment rate: $3,745

#12. Credit Repair US

Credit repair USA is a company that specializes in assisting people and corporations with financial planning. Furthermore, it’s the best low cost franchise opportunities in Texas. 

The company doesn’t guarantee monthly license fees, yearly fees, or rejuvenation fees to their franchisees. You will have a fruitful business and make a good living if you follow their proven methods. 

Estimated Investment rate: $199

#13. 1040TaxBiz

1040TaxBiz is a trustworthy tax service in the United States. This franchise company has been in business for a while (19yrs) and invented the low-cost tax office business model. 

Every season, new businesses attempt to replicate the 1040TaxBiz business model. They make use of their promotional ideas as well as our pricing. Their marketing and advertising assistance are one-of-a-kind and results-driven.

Estimated Investment rate: 2,899

#14. Steamatic

These franchise owners monopolize their markets in everything from repair to cleaning. Steamatic has developed as a prominent restoration franchise with a reputation for having highly qualified, skilled, technicians who know how to handle the job assigned to them, with operations in 23 countries.

This franchise has one of the highest average annual sales figures in the industry($1.1m per year)  with the top third generating more than $2 million.

Estimated Investment rate: $1,948 – $1,967

#15. DonutNV 

Next on our list is this amazing food truck. This franchise can be a profitable investment if you wish to launch a food truck business at a low cost. It’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities in Texas. 

The company’s business concept is to deliver a wide assortment of sweets and donuts to customers at their residences. 

Estimated Investment rate: $81,850

#16. T.A.C.T

T.A.C.T. is a proficient and skilled emergency cleaning service company that specializes in cleaning up after a suicide, infectious diseases, isolated deaths, and other biohazard events. Furthermore, the company specializes in hoarding remediation. Do you wish to start a franchise in Texas? You must consider this option as it’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities in Texas.

Estimated start-up fee: $10,000

#17. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

This franchise is one of the country’s fastest-growing restaurant chains. They are well-known for serving a wide range of freshly prepared sandwiches.

According to the most recent report, the company has over 25,000 franchise locations across the country.

Start-up fee: $316,100 – $558,600

#18. Wild Birds

This franchise is one of the leading suppliers of backyard bird feeding and nature-related products. 

As a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee, you will instruct customers on how to convert their yards into bird-feeding habitats and promote related products.

 It’s one of the best low cost franchise opportunities Texas, you must ensure you check it out today.

Total investment rate: $40,000 to $50,000

#19. Baskin Robbins

This is one of the list’s oldest and most established franchises. Baskin-Robbins has grown to become one of the world’s largest ice cream chains since its inception in 1946. 

You must check out this particular best low cost franchise opportunities. It’s the best for Veterans.

Estimated Investment fee: $93,550 to $401,800

This franchise company based in Houston, Texas, assists job seekers with job placement and career growth training. 

Link Staffing Services has approx 50 locations across the country, which is small in comparison to franchises with incredible name recognition, but they have one of the lowest initial franchise fees. 

It’s both the best low cost franchise opportunities for veterans and also the best low cost franchise opportunities Texas.

Total investment: $112,750 to $149,110

#21. AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care

This company has roots and origins dating back to 1963, AAMCO is one of the most trusted and conventional names in thorough, detailed, and complex car servicing and repairs in the country. 

Estimated investment fee: $223,600 to $330,500

What Franchise is the most Profitable to Own?

  • Taffer’s
  • PayMore
  • Halal Guys:

Why Do Most Franchises Fail?

Some of the reasons why Franchises fail include;

  • Undercapitalization
  • Poor Business Model
  • Ineffective Planning
  • Inappropriate Support and Training
  • The Problem of Insolvency

What Are 3 Disadvantages of Franchising?

  • Absence of Independence.
  •  Limited Growth Potential
  •  Restrictive franchise agreements.

What Is The Average Franchise Fee?

Franchise fees are normally between $25,000 to $50,000 on average.


Franchising is one way to build wealth because it’s a form of investment. These few low cost franchise opportunities discussed in this piece just might be what you need to change your story today. Take that leap and see your business becoming successful.



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